Has Kuwait become a factory of failure?

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TODAY, Kuwaitis are convinced more than ever that their current government works only under popular or parliamentary pressure. This is a very sad matter, given that the role of the executive authority is to develop solutions to any problem that emerges or might emerge.

Unfortunately, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a lot of confusion that continues to manifest itself in various forms. It seems only the Almighty, and then the brains of the government, know when we will step on safe grounds out of the lobby where the unrealistic government decisions have led us.

It is paradoxical that a call from a former MP against an advertisement on a belly dancing course could shake the pillars of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, which immediately moved to close the club that released such an advertisement. Of course, this cannot be done without the knowledge of the Prime Minister.

On the other hand, torturing Kuwaitis abroad and preventing them from entering their country, which is a constitutional taboo, did not shake a single hair on the heads of officials. This is because the Minister of Health and the COVID-19 emergency committee decided not to annoy the owners of companies that import certain vaccines imposed on us.

Of course, with them are the admins of the apps being used which the committee decided not to allow the return of those who were not vaccinated with any of those vaccines.

Even those who were vaccinated abroad with the vaccines that are recognized in Kuwait are subjected to the worst indirect humiliation through their long and bitter wait of about a month or two for their vaccination certificates to be approved through the “My Immunity” app.

On the other hand, in other Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain, such certificates get approved immediately, and are accepted at their airports in printed form without any complications.

As for the “Kuwait Mosafer” app, it is still the biggest unresolved obstacle, while its counterpart “Shlonak” app is more miserable than the rest.

In fact, these are small headlines for larger issues such as the intended expulsion of entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium enterprises, who were exhausted by the pandemic, and did not find a savior to rescue them. The government tells us every day that it needs someone to help it, something that renders entrepreneurs to take their projects to Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Eastern European countries, and other destinations that provide them with the highest levels of investment security.

Nonetheless, in our country, a former MP’s call can shut down a project, the latest being the closure of the women’s health club, while the Minister of Commerce and Industry did not bother to investigate the matter, or look at what is broadcasted on television about dancing in movies.

Indeed, this makes us wonder how deep is the crisis in Kuwait, which recorded the highest budget deficit due to the absence of plans to revive the economy. The executive authority’s reluctance towards profiteers has reached a level where money is what rules, and this makes them commit transgressions just to gather wealth.

Of course, there are many issues that aggravate the economic decline such as closing the country and setting unreasonable conditions for issuing entry visas, as though the visitor will be entering the Garden of Eden, and must have fulfilled all the conditions of faith.

It is customary in all countries of the world for the Prime Minister or any minister to resign when he or she fails to properly execute required duties. However, in Kuwait, the authority holds on to such a person and even honors this kind with more responsibilities. Indeed, it is as if Kuwait has become a factory for producing failures.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 27003 times!

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