Hamad Al-Matar and education minister scandal

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Hamad Al-Matar, a representative of the Muslim Brotherhood Party, stated that 50% of Kuwaiti children do not know how to read or write a text, and cheating has become rampant in schools, and if we do not question the Minister of Education it will serve no good.
When a deputy who represents a current that is not known to ever care about education (if one of its men is not appointed in senior position) has started complaining and this means the knife has reached the bone, to the extent that even the Brotherhood is already worried about the accelerating deterioration in the educational sector.
We hope that the deputy will fulfill his oath and question the Minister of Education, and put at his disposal the next scandal that may be part of his expected interrogation!
What would happen if the Minister of Works, without consulting the technical authorities concerned issued a decision canceling the British standards in construction and adopting the Somali standards, for example? It would be funny, even tragic, but the Kuwaiti Minister of Education did something similar.
Computer skills in our world are very necessary, and many are keen to acquire them, almost everything is done through it, and it is therefore important to eliminate the illiteracy and that is why the prestigious British University of Cambridge has designed education and training courses for driving skill, ending with giving participants in the course a certificate or “International Computer Driving Licence” or ICDL, which opens up broad work prospects for its holder.
The university adheres to strict restrictions in granting its certificate, and the exam is repeated if the student obtains a score of less than 75%, and all countries of the world recognize the Cambridge certificate.
In a ministerial decision that surprised those concerned, the Minister of Education lifted the recognition of the Cambridge University certificate and recognized only the certificate of a local accountancy company, whose certificate is not recognized except in a few Arab countries, and internally only 3 government agencies recognize it, and its fees are half the Cambridge fees, and the certificate is given to students while they are in their homes and it is sufficient to obtain 50% marks to acquire it.
The Cambridge certificates are also distinguished by their secret numbers that prove their authenticity.
For many years, representatives of this company visited the offices of former ministers in their quest to obtain recognition of their certificate, then came the era of the current minister, who not only granted them recognition of their shopping certificate, but also canceled his decision to accept the Cambridge certificate, so what a scientific and academic scandal greater than this?
The decision of Al-Mudhaf, the Education Minister, has caused a lot of confusion and even injustice, as he issued the decisions without consulting the concerned authorities in the ministry about the seriousness of his step.
How did the Minister accept the diploma of this local company, and canceled the Cambridge International accreditation in information technology skills?
How can one be silent about the approval of a local certificate, and the cancellation of an international certificate, and what about the fate of those who are now studying at the Cambridge university?
The decision is harmful and offensive, and scandalous and we sincerely hope it will be withdrawn.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 30399 times!

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