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Monday , September 26 2022

Gustave Le Bon prayer

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Gustave Le Bon, a French doctor and historian immersed in the world of humanity – was born in 1841 and died in 1931. He traveled a lot in Europe, Asia and North Africa, and wrote about archeology, anthropology, and eastern civilization. Among his most famous works are the “Arab civilization”, the “Indian civilizations” the “Egyptian civilization”, the “Civilization of the Arabs in Andalusia,” “The Secret of the Progress of Nations,” and “The Spirit of Society,” which was his first achievement.

Le Bon is considered one of the most famous philosophers of the West and one of those who praised the Arab nation and Islamic civilization.

He also has written influential books on group behavior, popular culture, and the means of influencing the crowd.  The accuracy of his observations made him an essential reference in psychology and among researchers in the media in the first half of the twentieth century.

He also made contributions to the debate about matter and energy, and he wrote his book “The Evolution of Matter”, which was very popular in France. He also achieved great success with his book “The Psychology of the Crowd”, which gave him a good reputation in scientific circles. It was completed with his best-selling book “The Crowd: A Study of the Collective Mind”, and his Parisian salon became one of the most famous cultural salons held weekly.

Le Bon, who traveled the Islamic world with social investigations, believed that Muslims were the ones who civilized Europe, and therefore believed that he should resurrect the golden age of Arabs from its shrine, and show it to the world in its true form. In 1884, he authored the book “The Civilization of the Arabs” inclusive of the elements of Arab civilization and its impact on the world, and discussed the causes of its greatness and decline, and presented it to the world, presenting the debtor who owes credit to the creditor.

Gustav said: • “Strictness of opinion prevails over tolerance, because the first is based on feelings or religion, and the second is based on reason.”

• “There is no civilization without morals. No matter how strict the law is to support moral principles, its severity is not considered exaggeration.”

• “Knowing the art of influencing the imagination of the masses means knowing the art of ruling them!”

• “The offense that is common practice is almost becoming a justifiable right.”

The quote that caught my attention is: “The religious peoples do not feel remorse when they commit a moral or legal mistake because these people were brought up on the concept that worship erases sins.”

This explains the phenomenon of some people committing grave offenses, but their faith and convictions may have convinced them that their sin is forgiven, and their guilt is allowed.

Therefore, violations of the prohibition of parking in front of mosques, places of condolences, etc. abound, where the conscience of some suddenly stops reprimanding them.

They are also surprised, or protesting, if someone draws their attention to violating them and obstructing the interests of others!

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By Ahmad alsarraf