Saturday , September 23 2023

Grocery power and Chamber membership

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I have written several times about the significance, meaning, and benefit of giving thousands of licenses for grocery and mobile food carts, especially on desert roads and in residential neighborhoods despite all the scenes of desolation, health and security risks, and spreading dirt, but it seems that no party in the country wants to do anything because such issue is related to the the interest of thousands of citizens although 90% of them just obtain the commercial license, contributing to the cost of purchasing a truck, and then waiting for the monthly amount that they will receive and process of human trafficking continues.

There is no doubt that destructive and corrupt parliamentary pressures prompted the concerned authorities, and may have forced them to issue approximately 5,300 licenses for mobile carts to sell food, ice cream and drinks.

Despite the required civilized role of some of them, the need for them is not a justification for all this expansion and chaos, which prompted the security authorities to carry out a campaign against them in some governorates, with the aim of combating negative phenomena, imposing security, enforcing the law and seizing violators.

The mobile food carts activity accounts for 1,688 licenses, followed by the cold and hot drinks activity with 1,080 licenses, and the snack food activity ranked third with 892 licenses, and the roaming ice cream cars activity represented 8.9 percent with 468 licenses.

Activities such as computer graphics and animation production, installation and extension of television networks, and fish shops received only one license each.
It was mentioned in Al-Jarida newspaper that the idea of mobile carts came to create job opportunities for young men and women, but it seems that the matter is out of the hands of the relevant authorities, and mismanagement has affected the future of young people before their present, and that the law of the Ministry of Commerce, with regard to allocating sites designated for owners of mobile carts, is of no use, in light of the incompatibility between it and the Municipality and the Interior.

What is required is a law that limits chaos and contributes significantly to organizing sites, and this cannot be achieved without consensus among all concerned parties.

Note: The power of a grocery owner built on a semi-truck is equal to the same power as the head of the largest investment or commercial institution in supporting a candidate to reach the membership of the Chamber of Commerce board of directors.

Will the Chamber’s law be amended so that voting is limited to those who carry out the activity by themselves and knowing that it is never a difficult task.

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By Ahmad alsarraf