Government sleeps on silk of praises and then forgets country’s challenges

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NEVER before since 1992 has a government received such popular support as the current government. Kuwaitis from all political and social backgrounds witnessed relief from the country’s suffering over the past three decades. They therefore hoped for an actual reform workshop to start, not just a theoretical one, which means it would not be satisfied with some announcements and statements from its officials.

Ahmad-jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

Instead, it should be working on filling the vacancies in various departments, and start addressing the country’s challenges. We are well aware that His Highness the Prime Minister and the ministers do not have a magic wand. However, you can tell a lot about a book from its title.

After the field tours of the Prime Minister and the ministers to some institutions, the doors were closed again, and the Cabinet entered into a kind of winter hibernation – not seeing, hearing, or speaking – as if we went back to the era of the four governments of Sheikh Khalid Al-Sabah. This is in contrast to what is prevalent all over the world where governments monitor what is published in the media daily, and then discuss and debate about it, and their official spokesperson holds a press conference daily.

This is the case in all countries of the world where the citizens are always informed about public affairs, but it seems that this custom is yet to reach Kuwait where people hardly know the concerned ministers. On the other hand, newspapers and social media are filled with neglected life issues, starting with the roads that sink as soon as it rains and people getting trapped in their cars, passing through the crisis of piled-up garbage in some areas where you feel that you are not in Kuwait but in a country that is mired in chaos, and leading to the economic and educational crisis that casts a shadow over everything in Kuwait both present and future.

It is the habit of people to demand and raise issues. It is their right to hear from the executive authority a response, refutation or solution to their challenges, just as it is its duty to anticipate and preempt what could be a problem for the people. However, in Kuwait, it seems that the government only hears from the parliamentarians who unfortunately do not speak with the voice of the people. They instead express their personal interests on the basis of “no one but me”, unaware that the torrent will sweep away everyone! This parliamentary conviction, the government’s silence, and the absence of any initiatives from it expedited the end of the honeymoon between the two authorities.

Therefore, the MPs began brandishing interpellations, while there is talk of a Cabinet reshuffle, irrespective of its type and form, which remains evidence of the instability of the ministerial position. It is worth mentioning that history is merciless, and people cannot wait for long. Therefore, when society lives for years in anxiety about the instability of government work, it begins searching for illegal ways to complete its transactions. How about if we live in a country that everyone admits is mired in corruption due to weak governments? It has become clear that the current government has spent its moral funds within a short period of time because it has been sleeping on the silk of praises, and its program was not implemented on the ground.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

This news has been read 40846 times!

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