Glory of Lebanon given up to a religious leader

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

GENERAL MICHEL AOUN has been convinced that he is the victim of the empty promise game whose balloons are blown every now and then by his major ally — Hassan Nasrallah, in terms of crowning his political journey by becoming the president of Lebanon and leader of the Oriental Christians.

This is instructive as his opponent, Sulaiman Franjeh of the March 8 Group, is controlled by Hezbollah which has not exerted any effort towards the election of Aoun. The group did not mount pressure on the other ally in order to withdraw or push for the election of its follower – Nabih Berry. This is why Aoun is ready for overthrowing the party since the electoral dreams have faded with the game of procrastination and transience.

Therefore, it is a must to agree that Christians in Lebanon have never witnessed political marginalization as the current period, not even when the situation was very bad. Even during the era of Ottoman Empire, Christians had presence while their decisions and opinions mattered. However, they became a marginal number in the Lebanese calculation when the Hezbollah took control over the Lebanese political decision.

The group has once exposed Aoun to intimidation and enticed him to play the role of a Trojan horse holding on to power. This power is constituted by Lebanese segments to weaken him, in preparation for ‘submerging’ him through well-planned aggravation – the tactic of Hezbollah along with its Christian ally.

Nasrallah promised Aoun the leadership of Oriental Christians, not the leadership of Lebanon in 2006. This contributed to emptying Christians in the East of his presence for 34 years in order to reciprocate that gesture. The Maronite Church’s slogan of almost 1,000 years of the glory of Lebanon was given to him, but that glory is being threatened today because Hezbollah is struggling to restructure Lebanon through a coup d’état of the constituent assembly. In this manner, the main player in the decision-making process will undoubtedly be written in outright Persian language but with a Lebanese accent.

In case the aspiration of Hezbollah, which has been listed as a terrorist group in the Arabian Gulf, Arab world and the international community, is actualized, it means the followers of divine scriptures who once lived on this part of earth will become history. It is not about peace in Lebanon only, but the entire East as well.

History will also indicate that there was a country called Lebanon where people of different religions within the Muslim and Arab worlds co-existed peacefully. Generations will use the past tense whenever they talk about the historical bridge of co-existence between the West and East, which was destroyed by Lebanese hands with the assistance of Persia.

It seems Aoun, who was deceived by the Iranian ‘tool’ that he would be made president of the country and political leader of Christians in the East, has awaken and ready to vent his anger on Hezbollah as it has become clearer that his political fate will be empty in the end.

Apparently, Nasrallah is planning to leave the General without shoes and embroiled in regret because the latter paved the way for Hezbollah to remove the Maronite Church slogan and replaced it with, “Glory of Lebanon given to the religious leader.”

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times



This news has been read 7385 times!

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