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‘Fugitives, and still cunning’

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WHEN you read the statement issued by the fugitives who fled overseas, it is difficult not to notice the poison coated with honey in their words. Hiding between the lines is stubbornness that is expected of them, which means they will persist with their cunningness.

Their statement also contained indirect admission of them being responsible for the disruption of work in the legislative institutions, something that had a far-reaching negative effects.

The last parliamentary term was unproductive in most aspects apart from the cosmetics carried out by passing laws that first serve the MPs electorally at the expense of people who endured a harsh experience during the COVID-19 pandemic, let alone not finding a cushion from the government.

During the period, what became clear was the extent of the parliament’s squandering of the national wealth, through either appointments and quotas on projects, or overseas medical treatment, which represented the milking cow for MPs until the udders dried up, or clandestine deals between ministers and legislators in order to keep certain individuals in their positions or to avoid holding certain individuals accountable.

There is no doubt that the Kuwaitis who lived throughout the past centuries without this group were not affected much by the issue of the members of this group fleeing abroad … life did not stop. Successive governments, since the beginning of this crisis, had to be firm, and work on implementing their program and serving their people. Later the accountability for the government and members of the National Assembly is through the ballot box as long as Kuwaitis accept this type of government.

However, paralyzing the country … this is suicide,and the executive authority must bear the responsibility for this. It is solely responsible for answering to citizens who want proper housing care like in neighboring countries, and medical care at the highest levels in a supposedly rich country in order not to have government hospitals and clinics turn into something similar to slaughterhouses. In addition to this is a public education system that produces illiteracy. On the other hand, the private sector bears the responsibility for ensuring treatments and education at much higher levels than what is prevalent in the public sector.

What the Kuwaitis want is not miracles, but a capable state that does not suffer from quotas, tribalism and sectarianism. They do not seek their parliament to turn into a “Safat Square” for trading with them and their livelihood, or for the state to spend seven billion dinars annually on subsidies that go into the pockets of the rich merchants. They instead need a government that acts in its right place to establish an industrial and agricultural infrastructure that will diversify sources of income instead of relying on oil. This is because, if the price of oil fell we would enter a crisis, and if it rose, we would suffer from a problem.

In all democratic countries of the world, everyone is bound by the law. The law is enforced on the old before the young. The fugitives would either abide by the law or remain abroad. If an amnesty is issued for any of them, he adheres to its requirements, otherwise, any other step would mean blackmailing the state, and a breach of the law, and he will be held accountable for it.

Unfortunately, all of this appeared in the statement issued by that group. There is no explanation for it except that these people refused the generous hand that was extended to them. And they announced quite clearly that they would not change their destructive approach.

Therefore, the government must resolve its matter either to be with the people and implement its program, or to be with that minority but that would mean that Kuwaitis will continue paying the price for the adventures of this group to maintain some individuals’ governmental payroll.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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