From the document to the seat of power

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One of the most dangerous concepts on which religious peoples have grown up, and which have become firmly established with time in their conscience, is that performing acts of worship erases sins.

Therefore, they do not feel remorse when they commit moral or legal errors because they are confident of forgiveness, and this is one of the reasons, some of them do not hesitate to pull up their vehicles in front of mosques abruptly when they go for prayers, sometimes in clear violation of traffic and road rules without responsibility, because they are going to perform a religious duty, and God is Forgiving, Most Merciful.

One of the natural human phenomena which some consider strange is that the more religions succeed in spreading, through conquest and advocacy, the less the ability of their followers to establish strong personal and political relations between them at the same time.

We see the opposite among religions of smaller followers where we find the relations between them stronger as a result of their need for solidarity.

On the other hand, as stated in the book “The Sinking of Civilizations,” by the French thinker, of Lebanese origin, Amin Ma’alouf, we see that the population which make up the majority in a country does not increase their tolerance for minorities, but rather act to the contrary, and this is what minorities complain about.

The majority justifies its behavior as being right and others should follow them or submit to their desires although it is logical to suppose that the predominance in number should lead them to accept the others, and treat them nobly, but things do not work that way.

The matter becomes worrisome with the increase in the religiosity of the society or its backwardness, and some of its manifestations of this is what we see in Kuwait.

Countries with an authoritarian regime are also witnessing a slide towards extremism and violence, and a rise in intolerance, therefore, we find that minorities are subjected to persecution and humiliation.

What strengthens the cohesion among human societies? What gives individuals or groups the desire for coexistence and the will to belong to the same group and the same nation?

It is the enlightened and just system of government that can strengthen cohesion among the people, in addition to its role in maintaining the security of society, by finding a common ground for coexistence among all components of society. This is not a security mission, but rather a “State philosophy.”

We in Kuwait need to find this common ground, and we need to identify the problems that we face as a state, and then we all work to overcome them, and acknowledge that all states are based on pluralism, and most of them face difficulties in establishing strong links between their components.

The enemy of the nation is not only ignorance, fanaticism and the desire of some to promote backwardness into society by claiming to combat the phenomena that they consider negative, but also how much hypocrisy and falsehood lie in the thought of those who supported the document of worry and grief.

They know perfectly well that it is impossible to adhere to its provisions in our time, and therefore their goal is not to implement its provisions, but rather to exploit them to reach their goal of controlling the state.

Also, what is known about the personal biography of some of those who signed the document does not make them original bearers of the banner of virtue.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 31912 times!

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