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From airport to airport

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‘To be Palestinian is to suffer endless hope’  – Mahmoud Darweesh

I have read many poems written by the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darweesh but I was particularly touched by his poem titled “Athena Airport” which is about homeless Palestinians being sent from that airport to other airports in different countries around the world. Athena Airport may represent the last waiting stage before finding “a remedy for situations”. The expression “remedy for situations” is also somewhat complicated as  it actually means forceful displacement or deportation of people from their stolen homeland rather than a remedy of their situations. That is why we can say that Athena is the last step in the journey of no return.

I am not going to talk about Arab airports as it will be like beating a dead body. I will not talk about the immigration made willingly for economic or financial reasons. What I will talk about is the forceful displacement and deportation from homeland and deliberate change in the demography practiced against a nation while Arabs are either disabled or engaged in their local issues.

Furthermore, there are some Arabs who recently surfaced with friendly faces when they are actually more dangerous than the Zionists. Status quo is really miserable and leads to disappointment. Nevertheless, hope is still there because of the strong belief in God and trust in the remaining residents who shout in the face of the colonizers.

Talking about slogans is sometimes like taking a painkiller. It temporarily takes away the pain but does not cure it. Some might mistakenly think the Palestinian issue concerns only the Palestinian people. When considering history, logic and morals, this concept is quite wrong, as Palestine is the first “Qeblah” or destination for prayer for Muslims. The third of the Two Holy Mosques is the Aqsa Mosque located in Palestine. Palestine has “almighty” people as referred to by the former Palestinian president Late Yasser Arafat.

Arab tyrants do not realize the value of Palestine. They only use the issue in order to mute the voice of their people, which is in line with the saying “No voice is allowed to get higher than the voice of battle”. They actually know the value of Palestine for every Arab citizen. They know quite well that it is the top priority issue for all Arabs.

I am afraid if I continue talking, I might fell in the trap of populism but I see that there is no need to define what is already defined. You can ask any Arab citizen about their top issue of importance; their answer will be “Palestine”. Therefore, the one who loses is the one who gambles on this issue which cannot accept any manipulation such as funny deals such as “Deal of the Century”. Yes, Arabs are leading their worst conditions but this does not justify the negotiations on the basic concepts of this issue.

It is true that there are political attempts including conferences, meetings and agreements – both declared and secret. Some of them are sincere and conducted based on good intentions, but they still represent a type of painkiller or temporary medication.

A just solution would be to give everybody his right. I know that Palestine has places of worship for believers of different religions. I also do not reject the relevant demands. What I care about is giving equal rights accordingly to each party. The one who deserves ten percent takes ten percent and the one who deserves 80 percent must take 80 percent. It is not acceptable to give 80 percent to the one who deserves only ten percent, and give ten percent to the one who deserves 80 percent. Otherwise, it will be a moral catastrophe and a solution of no solution.

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By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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