Friends matter, not interests – Stick to good in you

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Intisaar Al-Ma’touq
Intisaar Al-Ma’touq

LONG time ago, our grandfathers said, “You are nothing if you have nothing.” Those were the good old days characterized by simplicity. At the time our grandfathers were neither good in affectation nor the exaggeration of emotions, they respected a person based on his character and personality without any regard for his material possessions. Despite all that, they said, “You are nothing if you have nothing.”

In our current world, this adage developed to include everything with value. If you have status, I will respect you. If you don’t, you should not expect me to have any interest in you. The common formula for maintaining a relationship is whether I will benefit from it, and if not, disappear.

My friends, we will not conceal the reality of our society. Instead, we will examine the extent that morals and ethics are being eaten up. We will witness how personal interest has become a mode of life where archenemies have become friends based on the principle, “I rub your back and you rub mine, carry me and I carry you, enter hellfire in order to please and return your kindness.”

I stay away from friends who desert me once they assume my existence hampers their chances to gain wealth or employment. The question stands: Why do opportunists reach their goals fast and the people with principles remain captive of virtues?

Who are fighting against virtues and prioritizing social hypocrites in order to get more connections at the expense of morals?

Building relationships based on personal interests is like making bed on leaves, it does not last. Despite the dark side of social interests and benefits, there is also a side that shines with love and peace. It continues to radiate in the hearts of many.

Some people are fond of you not because of what you have. They respect you for who you are, not for anything else. This is the type of people whom you should hang on to. You should avoid losing them and keep them always on your priority list.

Indeed, do not be surprised, there are knights out there who continue to fight against social hypocrisy in order to revive noble principles and I am one of them… Are you with us?

By Intisaar Al-Ma’touq

This news has been read 7736 times!

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