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The fall of Western civilization, which was predicted by writers and philosophers, over an entire century, and its inevitable end has not and will not be achieved.

Moreover, the Western civilization has gained more momentum and strength and a deeper understanding than many, despite all the obstacles and setbacks it is currently witnessing on more than one level.

What some do not want to realize is that today’s civilization is the civilization of science and the whole world, unlike all the civilizations that preceded it.

The Babylonian, Egyptian, Persian, Arab and other civilizations were, in most of their aspects, local civilizations specific to their peoples, limited to those who spoke their language, and their sciences and arts were not transmitted, to other countries.

For example, the secret of embalming the dead or building the pyramids died with the fall of the Egyptian civilization due to its failure to promote it, or to record it in a safe and correct manner.

As for today’s civilization, it is deservedly global, and open, and it is almost at everyone’s disposal and for their benefit, and any party can, through the Internet, understand the secrets of manufacturing weapons, medicines, secrets, engineering arts and many more. Japan and others have it, imitated it, and surpassed it in some fields.

This scientific overlap between many countries of the year has given today’s civilization immunity from annihilation, its secrets are accessible to everyone, and scientific institutes are spread outside Western countries, and throughout the universe, from Brazil through South Africa, Israel, Singapore, Korea, China, Russia and many other countries.

If we look at the high-tech content of the Airbus plane, for example, we would be surprised by the number of countries that contributed to its manufacture, and when Kuwait buys it, for example, and puts its flag on it, it buys a huge amount of human knowledge, which has been put at its disposal, and in which the civilization of the modern era is embodied, which moves with all its secrets made in several countries into the hands of others sans borders.

Today, any country can buy the rights to manufacture any kind of medicine, vaccine, or engine. It was also Western civilization that persuaded many countries, such as Japan and Korea, to abandon many of their ways of living, even their old philosophies, and to adopt Western civilization in number, form and even ethics.

China continued to resist this, but it was forced to conform to the prevailing Western pattern at one time, knowing that it owes its entire industrial, agricultural and military progress to the tools, techniques and sciences of Western civilization.

We recall that China will one day become the most powerful country, economically, and perhaps militarily, but it cannot replace Western civilization. This is one of the many serious matters, including the mood and general taste of many of the peoples of the world.

Unlike the countries that revolve in the orbit of Chinese culture, in one way or another, such as Taiwan and Singapore, the rest of the world cannot harmonize or accept the Chinese culture, knowing that China, for reasons that will be mentioned below, is not originally prepared to be a cultural, or artistic leader.

No matter how advanced and strong China is, it will always be unable to give humanity “Bach”, “Beethoven” or “Ernest Hemingway”, or a museum such as the Louvre, or Mona Lisa, or Shakespeare’s theater, and a writer such as Tolstoy or Victor Hugo, or philosophers such as Voltaire, Rousseau, and dozens of thousands of characters, monuments and other similar creations, all of which are the result of a huge amount of freedom, which China cannot bear, neither today nor tomorrow, to become culturally, part of human civilization in its current sense.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 42372 times!

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