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Friday , February 28 2020

Final episode of Iranian delirium

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

Indeed, “war is stratagem”. This is core principle adopted by countries when it comes to warfare. However, only the light-minded fall for naïve stratagem and endure iron regime that casts its black curtains on people; those who remain under the illusion that their lies motivate the morale of their starving nation, trying to create national glory and honor, instead of providing bread to eat.

This fact is fixed in the mind of every observer in relation to the regime in Iran, which the summer heat seems to have rendered its leaders hysterical on what does not conform to the simplest facts, especially the publicized mediation that is solely based on humanitarian grounds, and nothing else.

This mediation effort aims at saving Iranians from the furnace of war, which their regime persists on luring the United States of America and its allies into through reliance on obstinacy and delusion as a confrontational strategy. Few days ago, Tehran made an announcement about its homegrown air defense system, dubbed ‘Khordad 15’, in which it said the nation has capacity to repel any air, land and sea missile attack.

In reality, and as per weapon experts, the system is no more than the US “Tomahawk” missile system the current regime inherited from the deal known as “Iran–Contra affair”, which was signed before the fall of the Shah. The regime in Iran is delusional to think that it’s practicing a war stratagem; in fact, it’s deceiving itself and the people. If its leaders believe they are similar to the Nazi regime, they should understand that Germany in the thirties of the previous century was a major industrial power that employed all its industries for war purposes. In addition, Germany had several relations with countries, which transformed into war alliance.

Currently, Iran is shunned globally and its relations- even with those it considers as friends, are either cold as a result of the regime’s demeanor or ancillary affair, citing its relations with the sectarian militias in Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen.

Tehran is neither in complete harmony with Beijing nor Moscow, which has completely different interests and strategies in the region; contrary to the former, which has its own calculations with Washington despite the hovering commercial cold war.

Nonetheless, Iran’s relationship with the remaining countries of the world continue to suffer various crises, starting from its crisis with the European Union and Indian subcontinent, which indicates lack of strategic depth in any war; let alone its internal miserable economy and living standard. Hence, if the old adage that says, “Soldiers march on their bellies” is to do with, the nations will not march on their bellies to fulfill the desires of an oppressive and aggressive group that craves war and accumulate wealth through the blood of the innocent.

In light of this fact, the regime in Iran has lost many opportunities given to redeem itself from the impasse, the latest such opportunity is the mediation effort led by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Funny enough, the regime had set unrealistic preconditions before meeting him.

There is a clear indication that leadership in Tehran is suffering under the scorching sun or has mental disorder that needs to be treated in order to save Iranians from the madness of this clique before it transforms into “meningitis” to destroy the remaining pillars of the State and society.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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