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Europe’s reluctance spurs Iran N-terror

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE Iranian authorities seized a British oil tanker. This is a sign of the ‘volcano’ the region has been waiting for, that is, if Iran’s blackmail policy persists. At a time it parted with the international community, it tried to play on the course of contradictions; hoping to see results which are different from those of the Mullahs in the past four decades.

Without a doubt, Britain and its neighbor – France are reconsidering their reluctance by putting more pressure on the Mullahs. They are betting that the nuclear deal will stop Iran from being nothing more than a mirage, as what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned about in 2015.

Netanyahu explained to the entire world how Tehran’s regime violated international treaties by revealing about 50,000 documents smuggled from Iran proving its pursuit of a military nuclear program which, unfortunately, was not taken into account by countries that guaranteed the agreement, especially the European countries.

Today, western governments must back down in opposing the US president’s position and withdraw from the agreement. Perhaps, they should apologize for the misjudgment that made them commit this sin by betting on statesmen in Iran who are in fact just gangsters practicing political hypocrisy to achieve their goals..

Yes, the Iranian behavior is dangerous. This is the truth stated by the British foreign affairs secretary. However, London was very late in discovering this truth, until it became one of the victims of Mullahs’ terrorism. Countries in the region warned about this serious behavior a long time ago and presented pieces of evidence, which were disregarded by nations that kept working towards restoring the nuclear agreement and rehabilitating Iran’s Mullahs to re-enter the international community.

The question here is: Have the hesitant western countries begun to wake up to the bitter truth that energy security in the Strait of Hormuz and Bab al-Mandab is threatened by the gang? American determination is the right choice, not political inclination which led to negative developments and opened the door for the Mullahs to continue their provocative acts in a bid to achieve their goal of military confrontation in the region to re-mix the cards as desired by Tehran’s leaders even if at the expense of the Iranian people.

Western countries, which are still betting on Iran’s return to the right path, should reconsider the pieces of evidence presented by the Gulf states. They should read carefully the practices of the Revolutionary Guard in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, even Argentina and a number of Latin American countries. Instead of looking for other passages for their merchant ships as hinted by the British Foreign Affairs Office, they must be involved in the American plan to confront the Mullahs’ terrorism.

In this regard, Saudi Arabia did well by receiving forces from the US military to strengthen military presence and cooperation between Washington and Riyadh. It is not a mistake to use allies for further protection. It is necessary to increase American forces in all Gulf states facing the treacherous regime which has never been committed to international agreements, treaties and resolutions.

As we said earlier, such regime practices political hypocrisy because such act is part of its culture. It is likely that the world will wake up soon to see Iran’s nuclear bombs being controlled by adventurers, as complacency and reluctance towards blackmail and provocation practiced by the Mullahs are considered rewards for this gang. Otherwise, the door will be opened to terrorist extortion across the world. It will not help to cry over spilled milk, if the milk of European governments remains once they are caught in the fire of Iranian nuclear terrorism.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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