Egypt will not be bitten twice by ‘Brotherhood’

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

WHOEVER imagines that Egypt can be reversed to willingly submit itself as a victim to those who desire to make the country an easy prey is wrong, especially after the difficulties and experiences its citizens passed through.

The Muslim Brotherhood Movement, which has been hoping for possible return to governance by distorting facts and repeatedly calling for a revolution once again, should understand this fact. The one-year disastrous rule of the Brotherhood is still fresh in the minds of Egyptians. The outcome of people’s reaction to that governance led to the June 2013 revolution.

However, history will not repeat itself no matter how much the Brotherhood tries to polish its propaganda and claim that it is defending what they call as the ‘downtrodden’. Uprising by those people will stare at the group in the face such that its media arsenal in the battle of hotels will be useless. This is because the honorable Egyptians are leading their war against ignorance and stagnancy in an attempt to rescue their economy from the trenches, factories, farms, universities and all facilities.

The false ‘Masses Revolution’ which the Brotherhood media outfits in Qatar, Turkey, Europe and Israel are trying to project as the turning point on Nov 11 will be useless. Egyptians tested them in the government for one whole year during which they experienced hellish punishment as if they were returning to Al-Nasser era which led to ‘escape’ of investment capital suppressed by the decisions of Gamal Abdul-Nasser. He rationalized agricultural and national economic reforms under the pretext of doing justice to farmers and workers. The decision impoverished the rich while the poor did not become rich and then he set up centers for forces to control Egypt’s wealth.

Although Abdul-Nasser was able to push through with his decisions by blinding force and repression over 60 years ago, the current open skies and communications revolution changed the people’s mood. Therefore, Egyptians will not allow the Brotherhood to sneak into governance again through slogans whose first and last objective is to mislead them because they have learned the lessons very well.

They also read about the experiences of other nationalities particularly that of the Soviet Union or the socialism camp as a whole. They saw how those governments collapsed under a lot of pressure, the least of which is food, so they were forced to stay on queues for hours just for a loaf of bread.

Egyptians know, more than their Arab brothers, the meaning of wages based on rate of production which the Soviet Union adopted as its internal principle and how it killed the spirit of creativity among the people. They no longer fell for false clash of classes after the catastrophe affected millions in Warsaw-allied nations, especially when members of the ruling socialist parties monopolized everything while others were hungry.

Since inception of the Brotherhood at the end of the 1920s, it has never presented any project which complements governance or develops the country. It has always been preoccupied with how to take over governance even if it means doing so through massacres, pools of blood and exploitation of the standard of living just to win supporters.

Because of this, the truth behind the Brotherhood’s propaganda was exposed when it took over governance specifically at a time the new forces centers were formed by members of the Guidance Office who happened to be the financiers of the group. The unemployment and poverty rates went up to an extent that any new government needs many years of concerted efforts to rehabilitate the national economy to ensure things are restored to the pre-Jan 25, 2011 era.

This group, which is working hard with all the available resources and avenues to make sure an international no-confidence index is raised against investments in Egypt, should realize that today’s downtrodden are the same people who will rise against them, ahead of others. This is because the time has changed a lot compared to the past, whereas the trusted Egyptians will not be bitten twice by the Brotherhood.

 By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 8945 times!

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