Earth a massive theatre – Need to come out of it with fevew mistakes

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Intisaar Al-Ma’touq
Intisaar Al-Ma’touq

EARTH is a massive theatre. We are just like huge dolls that came to play the role of living beings and the role is perfected collectively.

Some of us have perfected the performance to deserve leading roles, whereas some are living in secondary roles and others are like extras hiding behind the curtains.

Those who got the leading role understand life, perceive its simplicity and acknowledge the risks as well, thus, they have a balanced life. They understand the nature of the role given to them.

On the other hand, despite the fact that they are close to those in the leading role, those who play the secondary role do not benefit from it. They are the type that learn from their mistakes but when you learn faster, you forget the lesson sooner.

They are the kind of people who lack self-confidence and they do not want to believe that changes in the self and circumstances are possible. You have a choice so do not be like the ones who leave things to the game of chances—although they are the majority.

With regards to the ‘extras’, they are skillful in encouraging others and forgetting themselves, let alone having the conviction of being marginalized. They feel a great deal of joy when living the life of a mere follower. What is important for them is to be in the circle of the strong ones – obsessed with them. You hear them say when asked about changing, ‘I am fine this way, why are you concerned?’

This type of dolls are the ones that, no matter how long you have been away from them, you will find them exactly where you left them—pursuing the strong ones in order to live a safe life.

When it comes to those hiding behind the curtains, they are scared of any new idea. Their lives have a single pattern. They leave the task of discovering anything new to others. They are very hesitant in taking a step forward. They can agree on an idea, only to withdraw from it at the last minute.

It is taxing to try to convince them to lift their heads in order to see the radiant part of life as they have decided to close their eyes towards it.

You will drive me crazy, get out from behind the curtains!

Regardless of the role we will play in life – whether the leading role or just cutting tickets in the theatre of life, we should come out of it with fewer mistakes. We should not forget we are just visitors on Earth. Without a warning, we will leave it and head towards the eternal abode.

Our mission in life is not about why or how we will live in this world, as the important thing is how we will leave it.

The late Dr Ahmad Al-Rabee’ once said, “What is important is that when we leave this life, we leave behind something apart from our tombstones. We leave something we do not need for those who are in need. We should remember that all of us will leave.”

“May our departure be the start of our eternity through the good we have left or, at least, departure without hurting anyone.”

By Intisaar Al-Ma’touq

This news has been read 8446 times!

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