Draw sword of retribution

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

IN times of crises, especially those that affect the economic and social security of a country, the main role of the leadership becomes vital in terms of prescribing a decisive remedy. Therefore, both the Cabinet and the Parliament do not have the luxury of casting blames and accusations on the press or the social media during such a critical and sensitive time.

If there were no problems, then the various media would not have dealt with such situations by putting the officials head on with their responsibilities for them to carry out their natural role, rather than them throwing their inaction on others.

Undoubtedly, what Kuwait witnessed in the recent period directly affected the economic and social security.

Since the concerned institutions failed to protect the economy and prevent the exacerbation of the crisis, the effects of which we are beginning to clearly see today, it has led the people of this country to feel their social security is unprotected too.

This is because the security services concerned with safeguarding the society have turned out to have been infiltrated and consist of opportunists who do not hesitate to do anything in order to serve their interests.

This means that the choice of those in charge of these agencies to perform these sensitive tasks was wrong, which left the matters at the mercy of eavesdropping, extortion, or revenge by leaking scandalous investigation recordings.

There is no doubt that some in these security agencies delude their ability to take advantage of the mirage of contradictions to hunt certain prey.

That is why it is not a secret when we say the people of this country felt horrible to know their privacy is being violated, and perhaps that horror rendered them to reach the point of panicking into thinking whatever they imagined would expose about them in the future.

In every country, opportunists know how to take advantage of situations; in fact, they create situations that serve their intended objectives. It is from there the process of weakening the state institutions begins, but reaches a stage of paralysis, and neither the Parliament nor the government can stand in the face of the high waves caused by their failure to address the problem.

Unfortunately, some worked to invest in such problems, which almost caused a great deal of chaos and weakening of the state’s stability.

Usually, the leadership always has preemptive vision to deal with crises, and whenever it issues its directives, there is no room for misinterpretations either by the MPs or others, as the game of maintaining ministerial chairs is set aside, which is what is expected of the constitutional institutions, but this did not happen.

In the past months, a number of scandals emerged to the surface. If we could examine them and their causes, we would discover that they occurred as a result of the failure of the concerned institutions in performing their natural role, let alone infiltration of corruption in them which caused the country to endure unnecessary problems.

Incidentally, in the year 2011, Britain witnessed chaos, and the then Prime Minister David Cameron said, “There is nothing of more importance today than preserving the security of the citizens. Therefore, we have to be decisive and firm, and a clear line has to be drawn between right and wrong.”

Currently, Kuwait needs such decisiveness and firmness. It needs to embark on a harsh accountability spree on anyone who has been negligent and slacked in performing his or her assigned duties according to the law and the constitution.

In our current situation, there is no longer a priority that tops the need to fix the defects caused by institutions, whether constitutional and security, which the employees have transformed into their own farms.

The corruption that struck some agencies, and the disdain of those responsible for the fate of the people exacerbated the severity of the problems. This happened especially after the people of this country witnessed the official disregard for their economic situation, which rendered a number of institutions to sink in debt and bankruptcy due to the short-sighted remedy of the COVID-19 crisis.

In view of all this, the capable leadership must resolve matters and draw the sword of retribution in the face of every official who contributed to dragging the country into this peculiarity; otherwise, the causes that led us to where we are will not be eliminated.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 20642 times!

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