Double standards!

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Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

HONORABLE Hind Al-Sabeeh, the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor refused to officially announce the non-profit organization named “Kuwait Liberal Movement”. She based her rejection of the organization on the fact that its main structure allows political interference, which is not permissible among nonprofit organizations (Al- Seyassah daily, March 12).

We would like to remind Honorable Al-Sabeeh that with her acknowledgement, the ministry recently inaugurated many fundamentalist non-profit organizations along with their branches, besides the ones operating without license in each street and estate across the country.

The question is: are these fundamentalist non-profit organizations not engaged in politics? The issue is clear and nobody can deny it — except the ungrateful ones and those who are blind in sight and insight. We won’t assume that the mentality of our Honorable Minister and her ministry is of this level, and it’s no secret that the fundamentalist organizations are deeply involved in politics in broad daylight. We have been witnesses to their influence on those representing their interests in elections.

I previously wrote about a young man (the son of a senior official of a major fundamentalist organization) who was banned from entering the United States of America before Trump became president, because of his father’s involvement in financing some terrorist organizations — as per information from the US intelligence agencies.

Here in Kuwait, the fundamentalist organization in question continues to operate everywhere (through its licensed and unlicensed branches) and collects donations to fund violent foreign groups, which many of the countries consider to be terrorist movements. We are prompted to ask why the government overlooks and turns a blind eye to fundamentalist organizations and their indulgence in politics, whereas it keeps an eye on the dwindling liberal movements that are almost at a dead-end.

It’s enough testimony recounting the incident that took place on the same street several years ago when government ordered the closure of the Independence Club on Al-Maghreb Street, and went ahead to endow Islah Social Society with 5,000 square/meters property containing several floors (also located on the same Al-Maghreb Road). We notice the double standards of the government; its tender hands on fundamentalist organizations and tough approach toward liberal movements. I remember when government openly stated its intention to establish human rights society and the idea failed, because of one of its fundamentalist ministers opposed it.

Needless to say the establishment of the (fundamentalist) human rights society was proposed simultaneously and accepted.

O Honorable Al-Sabeeh, kindly stop this norm of government’s double standards and start treating each citizen equal, despite their differences in opinion and trend.


By Ali Ahmad Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil
Email: [email protected]

This news has been read 9131 times!

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