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Sunday , October 17 2021

‘Do whatever you want’ … Covid indecision leaves public in quandary

“IN THE face of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the proverb that says, ‘The words (spoken) at night can be erased before daybreak’, are true of our government. For example, there is no guarantee that what was said in the morning will hold water in the afternoon.

Another example: a while ago, the government announced the opening of entertainment places and hours later cancelled the decisions,” columnist Sattam Al-Jarallah wrote for Al-Seyassah daily.

Sattam Al Jarallah

“A few days ago, the government announced the opening of the borders for citizens of high risk countries under the condition of a 14-day institutional quarantine only to announce in the evening the cancellation of the decision.

“As for the ban, the government was reluctant, perhaps it was waiting for the inspiration to come from our geniuses who are in charge of the strategic planning and devise a peculiar procedure and even with the announcement of the partial ban, it was not known whether it would be applied during the National holidays or longer while the idea of a total ban in the initial stages was to be applied and then reconsidered.

“The government’s confusion in this regard is no different from every other matter, starting with dealing with the financial and economic crisis, reaching the simplest matters. Therefore, it seems that there is a deafening dialogue between the government and the National Assembly, which is currently on leave, and it is up to the MPs to decide as they wish while the Kuwaitis do not know who is telling the truth, and they did not see a sign that would help them know their way and where to walk.

“This is why we are confused, is there a viral pandemic and its health risks are great or not? Is there a real crisis in the country or is it just a bubble? Are there institutions that are supposed to manage people’s affairs and maintain their interests or is it otherwise?

“Who can answer all these questions? Let us take for granted that there is a real pandemic, does it spread on national occasions and holidays and the seasons when there is a lot of work, selling and buying, or is it spreading throughout the year, and what is the experience that the health services have acquired from the previous stage to employ them in facing the new wave?

“Because there is no answer to all of these questions, this means that influential stakeholders, parliamentarians and others who are supposed to have been entrusted by the Kuwaitis to care for their interests and lives sold all of that and now they are rebelling, and for your information, any action taken for a total or partial ban, dozens of Kuwaitis declared that they will not abide by it and will rebel against it, because of the confusion that prevailed in the recent period. That is why they raised the banner ‘Do whatever you want’.”

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