Tuesday , October 3 2023

Do they want amnesty or to undermine our State?

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THE current parliamentary term commenced with a truce between some parliamentary blocs and the government, under the title of achieving a general amnesty. However, those who brandished the sword of disrupting Parliament forgot that “we are all children of the village where everyone knows everyone”.

Therefore, there is no secret hidden to anyone in terms of violations and abuses of public funds and “wasta”, either on those who deliberately crossed the line in their speech and practiced what threatens national security, or the government and the rest of the MPs.

Given that this was the case, the roads were open for the fugitives to return from Turkey in more than one way – either by abiding by the constitution and the law and accepting the implementation of the sentences imposed on them, or by following the path of their comrades who had received a generous pardon and returned to their normal lives, or would remain fighting the windmills in raising slogans about false grievances, while the truth is that they walked with their feet to break the law.

These people abandoned everything that could lead to the application of the law and save themselves from embarrassment, but by apologizing for what they committed, they could obtain a generous pardon. Instead, they complicated the matter to the extent of trying to dictate to the state whatever they imagined, taking advantage of the generous pardon of His Highness the Amir, and his directives to the heads of the three authorities to set standards for this, and those to whom that pardon applies.

On the other hand, the MPs who carried the banner of that group were working on political investment, as they were seeking to prolong the crisis in order to gain more. However, all of that fell with the call of His Highness the Amir for a dialogue between the two authorities to get out of the impasse of disrupting parliamentary and legislative life, which overshadowed the role of the parliament and the legislature in the last session during which draft laws had stalled.

Today, these people want to return as “conquerors” to the country as if they had won a war, while not following the path taken by their comrades, which means they distinguish themselves from the rest with an ego that only allows its holder to see none other than himself.

There are journalists, columnists, and bloggers who were sentenced to prison for dozens of years. Some of them were defending Kuwait and its supreme interest against the prime minister of one of the Gulf countries, who was a partner in the so-called “national dignity marches” during which they practiced violence.

Others were sentenced to fifty or sixty years, and we haven’t heard any word from those who fled to Turkey about these oppressed people who are more in number than that group. So why is the matter limited to only these, because of whom the country is disrupted?

His Highness the Amir’s generous initiative is issued by a wise ruler who is well aware of the interest of Kuwait and its people, as he defends it, and puts the constitution and the law above any other matter. And in the era of social media revolution, laws around the world take into account what those who use these means may fall into.

However, that wasn’t in the minds of our MPs who approved the cybercrime law, and forgot about it. They are the same crew that have been carrying the banner of the “Turkey Group” that was sentenced according to the Penal Code when they violated the constitution and practiced violence.

Therefore, it is clear that what is transpiring is not a matter of seeking an amnesty, but rather a deliberate attempt to undermine the State, which is a dangerous matter that needs to be contemplated upon.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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