Discriminative embarrassing law

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ONE of many amendments to the Kuwaiti Citizenship Law was issued during the term of one of our Parliaments which went and will never be missed.

According to that embarrassing uncivilized amendment, it is not allowed to grant Kuwaiti citizenship to anyone except a ‘Muslim’.

This amendment, which was promoted by the fanatic ‘takfiri’ force, is drenched in discrimination and backwardness; given that we, the people of Kuwait, have been living with our Kuwaiti Christian brothers. They are the best and most gallant neighbors, brothers and friends.

Furthermore, before and after the opening of Kuwait University, we lived and studied in Christian dominated countries. We did not feel discrimination against us, apart from the retarded fanatics in those nations. Thousands of such kind lived amongst us in the past, as well as in the present and unfortunately, in the future.

In recent years, Kuwait granted citizenship to those who do not deserve it. Thousands and thousands hold dual citizenship, in addition to those who acquired citizenship fraudulently while the concerned authority looked the other way because they are protected or affiliated to a foreign force which considers them the fifth column.

Additionally, some members of our recent Parliaments contributed to naturalization of the members of their tribes — both the deserving and undeserving.

Therefore, we have become the minority in our beloved country. If only the naturalized ones are competent academically, economically or literally or are accomplished, we would have swallowed our tongues on this issue. However, those who were naturalized were considered based on the principle of quantity, not quality.

Back to prohibition on granting citizenship to non-Muslims, this law made us lose skillful beings that served Kuwait and its people for decades; among them is a famous banker who is known by the people of Kuwait. They appreciated him as he was behind the most successful and most secured banks in the country.

This esteemed person went to another Gulf country after his retirement from his work in Kuwait and after completing his work of building that giant financial monument. Within only a short period of staying in Qatar, this person was granted citizenship. Perhaps, he was given citizenship in spite of the way we dealt with him and how we turned our backs on this well-respected person.

In the United States of America, two Muslim women were expected to win and enter the US Congress in the mid-term elections despite the intensifying anti-immigration rhetoric which has reached the highest level.

The US of ‘Trump’ racism and discrimination against foreigners — on top of the list are Muslims — happened despite ties worth hundreds of billions with Muslim oil countries.

Obviously, these two Democrat candidates will be concerned about hot issues such as women and minority rights. One of them is Ilhan Oman, a Somali refugee who was confident to win a seat in the House of Representatives in a majority Democrat constituency in the State of Minnesota; and the other is Rashida Taleeb, born in Detroit to Palestinian immigrant parents.

The two Muslim women succeeded in their bid and they have become the first Muslim women to enter the US Congress, where they will join another Muslim to become three in total.

We dedicate this news to the American and Kuwaiti racist bigots, and to any country afflicted with this heinous disease.

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish these two candidates all the best. Perhaps, this might tickle the ears of local racists in a manner that will prompt them to amend our crippled Citizenship Law in order to allow the naturalization of non-Muslims — indeed, non-Muslims — because we cannot dare demand a naturalized non-Muslim to become a member of the Parliament.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

This news has been read 23924 times!

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