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Difficulty of tolerating lies


Years ago, I was invited to give a lecture at an institute for girls affiliated to the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training in Shamiya.

I was surprised that everyone was wearing veils (niqab) except for two out of the nearly forty students. I was shocked, confused and bewildered, cut down my lecture to half the size because I had to speak to the people in black where I felt like there could be no interaction with the audience, and I left.

A few years ago, Dr Hilal Al-Sayer’s home and security personnel outside his home were attacked because he insisted that female students who attend his lectures in the laboratory must not wear the veils.

There are tens or hundreds of other similar stories that happened to many people which we have never heard of before, and because of changing mentalities, perversion has become the norm.

A normal person can be lenient in many ways and tolerate the lack of understanding of some of their poor understanding, and even their misbehavior due to his belief in the differences between people due to age, culture, academic background, etc. However, lying cannot be tolerated if the motive is to cover up something, or to harm another person and deliberately offend him.

Liberalism in our region, without exception, is not a movement and is not represented by any party and has no clear direction, nor specific leaders and legal frameworks. Rather, it is mostly an expression of sentiments of some of those who believe in part of the religion and disagree with most of what it calls for.

Liberalism calls for tolerance of others and not to exaggerate religious matters, to encourage public freedoms, and to believe in equality among people and freedom of expression, and the necessity of the availability of religious, civil and political freedoms for all citizens and residents.

Fundamentalists and conservatives, especially the followers of religious parties and exclusively in our region fiercely oppose all these trends because they undermine the foundations on which they built their party policies that helped them gain money and political power and win juicy government contracts.

One of them, the most corrupt and pedantic, claims historically the liberal principles have vanished in terms of respect for the opinion of others and freedom of expression advocated by the liberals, especially after the Arab Spring revolutions. His claims hold no water because it looks as if he wants to prove the earth if flat and that it is the center of the universe.

He falsely claims that the Ministry of Education in Kuwait was run by the liberals, and they are the reason the country suffered at the level of development and accuse them of obstructing progress. He claims the liberals  dominated all state facilities for decades and hence the country did not move forward.

This means that the owners of religious thought, followers of religious parties, Brotherhood and Salafis, contributed to pushing the wheel of development forward, and the liberals put the brakes on the wheels. He blames (the liberals) for the backwardness in education and the collapse of the system.

The strange thing is that this claimant and others, have not yet realized that liberalism in Kuwait has never existed — no political entity, leadership, electoral programs, or partisan funds, so how was a ‘gelatinous entity’ able to change education and drag the country backwards?

Question: What is the religious party whose “leaders” swore by God not to participate in the one-man-one vote elections and then they swallowed all their words?

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No country tolerates if an entire generation suffers from lack of proper education because this generation will not only destroy the state but will lead to the disintegration of its internal front. The Middle Eastern countries (Arabs) who have not paid attention to education are now paying the price.  – (Victor Chia, South Korean education expert).

By Ahmad alsarraf

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