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Wednesday , March 29 2023

Difference in poor, rich Eid

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The following texts appeared in the Arabic language course for the tenth grade:

Question: What is the balance between the manifestations of the feast to the poor and the rich?

The answer: The manifestations of Eid for the poor are represented by religious and national rites, including the Eid prayer, visiting cemeteries and visiting family.

The manifestations of the feast for the rich are represented in resting in luxurious beds, the mastery of food and drink, and the involvement in pleasure and amusement.

In another question, which is intended to plant specific ideas in the heads of secondary school students, the following text is provided:

Deduce the responsibility of the rich in the suffering of the poor?

The answer (from the textbook) is:

The rich bear a great responsibility, for they are the one of the causes of misery for the poor. If the rich paid the zakat imposed on him, there would be no poor. Exaggeration in the manifestations of luxury, especially on holidays, is one of the reasons for the existence of this disparity.

This is a sample of what is taught to male and female students of a young age, in a capitalist country whose people are supposed to enjoy some luxury and they do not know the poverty mentioned in the text, so that they do not find anything to do on Eid except to visit the graves, while the rich go for pleasure and amusement.

Our feasts were, and will remain, modest and simple, and the difference may be in the amount of money that the son of the rich man gets compared to the son of the less fortunate from the financial point of view, and this is not a reason for the unhappiness that the author of the curriculum is talking about.

It is also naive to say that the reason for the misery of the poor is because the rich do not pay what he owes to zakat. This is a simplification and manipulation of students’ emotions, collecting zakat requires the existence of a law regulating it, and in its absence, no one will often volunteer to pay it, and therefore the responsibility lies with the government and the legislator, not the rich, if we assume that its absence is the reason.

Also, collecting it does not mean that poverty will disappear. This is another funny simplification. The lesson is how to spend it, not how to collect it!

It is clear that these curricula are developed by backward political and religious movements that have long dominated educational curricula, so when will they be eliminated, with modern materials that are less racist, trivial and stupid?

The former deputy and minister, Ahmad Abdel Mohsen Al-Mulaifi, appeared in a television interview and gave a speech in which he attacked the Muslim Brotherhood, to which he had previously belonged, and confirmed that he had abandoned them after all the abuses he witnessed from their leaders.

Among the shortcomings that he experienced is that a group of them, whose names were clearly mentioned including former and current deputies, had commercial interests, and they exploited their partisan influence for their own interests and not for the benefit of the party, that is why they have no credibility.

None of those whose names were mentioned have commented on the words of the former deputy, Al-Mulaifi, except for one, who denied the accusation and that he did not use the partisan movement for his commercial interests.

The funny thing about the matter is that Al-Mulaifi did not address the constitutional movement, but rather spoke clearly about the Muslim Brotherhood, which those who responded to him reject his affiliation with them, and who returned and admitted that he is one of them, only to return at a later stage and say that they are part of the global organization, but they are independent of it, in a clear manipulation of words, a funny contradiction, and this is exactly what Al-Mulaifi hated in him and in his group.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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