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There is nothing easier than giving advice to others, and there is nothing more difficult for him than adhering to it.

This is the case of those who write articles and post tweets urging others to become religious and perform religious duties and attack those they think do not perform religious rites. What matters to them is the appearance and not the essence because they are liars and hypocrites.

Therefore, you find them afraid of those who criticize their behavior and write about their bad morals, and they try to delude others that this attack is in fact against religion and belief, being its representatives and defenders, just because they belong to this religious trend or to others.

They are fully aware that they only represent corruption and partisanship and scrambling for the pleasures of the worldly life, so we find them warning others to approach ideological issues, not out of fear for them, but to protect themselves from criticism and exposure.

They also do not hesitate to attack, with clear impudence, those who praise the achievements of other peoples, under the pretext that they are non-religious while they know better than others the favors of these peoples for them, and for those behind them.

Their lack of discipline also prompted them to accuse others of moral decay and lack of adherence to religious values.

Those who trade in religion do not know that this country has always been Islamic, conservative with rationality and understanding, and it had clerics who were used by the ruler at different stages of time, as advisers and companions, and they were respected in society, before the Brotherhood fragments, fanaticism and extremism, Salafist and corruption invade us, especially those who use religion to make gains from deals and tenders, forgetting that the state knew all kinds of fun and pleasure, and followers of all sects, creeds , sects and religions have coexisted.

We are surprised at the demands of these strangers to us, in thought, approach and understanding, to change some articles of the state constitution to be in harmony with their moods and to conform to their whims, while they are aware of the unreasonableness of the request in a world whose nations are struggling to invent what humanity needs in terms of medicine, and what humans require in terms of food and clothing.

They want to drag the world into a life that was a thousand years ago. They must leave us alone and go on a journey to the regime of the mullahs in Kabul and elsewhere where they will be welcomed with open arms, where Sharia, according to their understanding, is applied.

This nation has remained attached to its religion, and nothing has disturbed it more than the hatred, corruption, and transgressions from those who stood up to defend religion and call for virtue.

True religion is not limited to prayer, fasting, zakat, pilgrimage and the two testimonies, but rather to morals, values, and ideals. So how can one be a believer while violating the rights of others, be miserly towards his family, insults others, breaks his promises, and steals from his partners?

Religion, any religion, is integrity in dealing with anyone; And good treatment, with whoever; And honesty with everyone and add to the above justice and good education, and other virtues that are easy to say and difficult to do.

A good example of this is the conviction issued against a judge of the Court of Appeal in an Arab city, who was the most famous imam there, where worshipers were reduced to tears when he gave sermons because he was just magnificent with a melodious voice, the strength of his argument and the ease of his logic but he was caught red-handed while receiving a huge sum of money as in specific case.

The danger of this imam, and some of the writers, who appear to us in the clothes of piety and speak only of praiseworthy virtues constitute a big danger to faith much greater than the danger of those who do not pray or fast.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 79298 times!

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