Desperate attempts of Mullahs

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WILL a few rudimentary missiles that fall on the Green Zone in Baghdad and in the vicinity of the US embassy change the reality and give Tehran additional power in its quest to break the international consensus? Or are the Mullah regime looking for a stimulant needle in a haystack of illusions in a desperate attempt to change the balance of power in the territory?

To answer this question, we must go back to the past. In this case, we quote Albert Einstein’s famous line – “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. That is exactly what this regime is all about.

It is full of nothing but lies and fraud, and its leaders delude that they are the only ones who grasp the absolute truth, and everything that comes from them is sacred speech.

That is why the regime, about 20 years ago, had claimed divine victory when the Israeli forces tactically withdrew from south Lebanon, and that it was by the virtue of a few operations by Hezbollah.

Today, the same regime is deluded to turn the clock back, by filming the American administration’s announcement of the withdrawal of some hundreds of its soldiers in Iraq, as a result of pressure from the so-called resistance, and consequently, the victor whose conditions cannot be ignored.

For 40 years, this peacock-vanity regime has been making threats against the United States of America and Israel, while Israeli aircraft continue to bomb the locations of the Revolutionary Guard and its sectarian militias in Syria. Tehran’s leaders are content with threats and intimidations that they will inflict a crushing defeat on the Americans and wipe out Israel from existence.

Throughout those years, this regime has been launching their threats through media fanfare which continue to fascinate those who still support this sinister regime.

In this regard, the international community and the United States use the Kuwaiti proverb – “The monopoly cuts the two guts”, as they increase sanctions against Iran, and thus deepen its internal crisis, giving it no choice but to obey.

Tehran has an example in this aspect that it can learn from, which is North Korea. North Korea has refused to submit to international treaties and was met with a suffocating siege until it became an international pariah, as its missiles and nuclear bombs did not help in providing bread to its people.

The mullahs of the Tehran regime overestimate their ability to defeat the international community, by boasting about the long-term policy or the so-called “carpet-weaving policy”. They believe that betting on the change of the American administration gives them a pressure card, but they have not yet realized that the White House administrations, since 1979 until today, have not changed its policy towards a gang that has practiced the policy of murder, assassination, conspiracy and terrorism.

It is a well-established fact that the world will not allow a mad regime to possess nuclear weapons; therefore, the last sanctions are cautious, either by bombing those reactors or at least continue to suffocate until the corruption empire controlled by the Supreme Leader and his squads collapses.

Therefore, the few missiles that fall on the Green Zone in Baghdad will not change the fact that this system tries the experimenter, which confirms its insanity.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 16088 times!

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