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Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

THE judgment issued recently on the 10-year imprisonment with hard labor of 19 citizens for joining the infamous terrorist group ‘DAESH’ is deserved and overdue.

The non-issuance of such judgement in the past made us wonder for a long time, considering the group received funding from Kuwait and its people. It exported hundreds of duped and drugged youths into dreaming of ‘mistresses of the skies’ – the 72 virgins.

These youths were influenced by hysterical babbling of religious clerics in our ‘takfiri’ fundamentalist institutions, colleges, societies and camps; whereas the wise government turns a blind eye, a deaf ear and zipped mouth to them.

Our jails are filled with Twitter users whose posts were deemed hostile to friendly countries; but when it comes to contributing to fueling civil war in Syria or joining ‘DAESH’ in Iraq where it wiped out everything, the authorities did not make a move.

One of the ‘takfirists’ bragged about slaughtering a father in Syria together with his children. He wished to return and do the same all over again. This ‘takfiri’ made the statement in front of the Syrian Embassy with a huge smile on his face and chants from the mob supporting him. Another one publicly bragged about rec r u i t i n g 3,000 fighters and another 9,000 who will travel to Syria to join other fighters.

Despite such horrendous statements, the wise government maintained a deafening silence. In fact, the murderer of children continued teaching in the college in which his existence is unnecessary. His colleague, the recruiter of 12,000 fighters, continued to roam freely here and there until death caught up with him. This gave us a bit of relief from his extremist and ‘takfiri’ rhetoric and empty ultraconservatism at the same time.

The judgement written in gold ink is based on the prosecution’s indictment of the accused. They were charged with engaging in hostile operations against a foreign country (Syria) without the permission of the government (Kuwait). They headed to Syria and joined the banned group ‘DAESH’; where they underwent training on handling and using weapons and ammunition. They also underwent training on warfare tactics and how to destroy warfare tools. Their actions posed direct threat to Kuwait and jeopardized its political ties with Syria.

In addition, they were accused of joining a banned group whose motive is to spread principles that destroy the ruling system of Arab countries in an illegal manner and take control of prevailing social and economic systems in the country. The accused did all these while fully aware of the objectives of the banned group which seeks their assistance in executing its goals after training them on handling and using weapons to fight against the Syrian Armed Forces and topple the Syrian regime — the first step towards establishing the Islamic State ‘DAESH’ and fighting against the State of Syria under the orders of ‘DAESH’.

We dedicate the charges of the Public Prosecution against these individuals stained with innocent blood from all sects in Syria — the ones who demolished places of worship and civilization antiques which date back thousands of years — to everyone who sympathizes with them, either by sharing the same savage sectarian sentiments or for any other reason. In this regard, we are not showing support for the Syrian dictatorship regime and we cannot also antagonize it without reason.

However, the alternative would have been catastrophic as it would have made the current regime in Syria appear like an angel. Kindly imagine if ‘DAESH’ ruled Syria? It would have invaded countries in a manner that you are free to imagine. Furthermore, we cannot disregard the fact that Israel and the United States of America were behind ‘DAESH’; although in terms of funding, it definitely did not receive funds from democratic countries like Switzerland, Denmark and Norway.


By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil
Email: [email protected]

This news has been read 38360 times!

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