Defenders of honor, virtue – Two faces of same coin

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Ahmad Al-Sarraf
They call for wearing the veil, and fight the unveiled. They call for segregation of the two sexes from kindergarten to the university level.

They call for virtue, decency and dignity, and demand parents and couples to prevent their daughters and the wives pleasures of finery. They urge their families to wear clothing that covers their body, preferably the attire of the Taleban women.

They hate women, cheerleaders, privately and publicly, and oblige her to remain at home and obey her husband, accept the second wife. They also call on her to stay put in her house and not go outside the house, even to the house of close relatives without the permission of her father or her husband or, brother.

They deny women the right for education and even the right to see a TV program of her choice. A noted Muslim Brotherhood personality had said earlier during a television interview that he encrypts the TV programs in his house, the programs that he wants his family to watch.

But when it comes to democracy, they change the pattern of their thinking and allow women to go out of the house for someone of their choice calling it a religious duty.

They hate women. They do not hesitate to expel them from the house without mercy by merely uttering divorce three times. There is no doubt later the wife has to face trouble and knock on the doors of the courts and police stations and visit the offices of lawyers daily to get sustenance for her and her children, just in case the ex-husband permits her.

If a woman deviates, she is convicted to death but if the same is done by a man, he is forgiven just because ‘he is a man’ and grows his beard and has long moustache.

They treat women with strange inferiority, and do not hesitate to violate their legitimate constants in the name of defending them, even if this puts the women to shame, lift their immunity, and engage them in lawsuits.

They hate women’s look, shape, body, the way they walk, the way they appear and carry themselves, their habit and biological condition, and all their weaknesses — of course from their point of view — to keep life ongoing.

However, we find them doing their best and literally begging for their love, all but in secret, and ready to offer everything dear and valuable to them to make love to them, with or without their consent.

Otherwise they do not hesitate then to humiliate and degrade in public and give them various descriptions. They deny them their rights and often call them imperfect when it comes to reason and religion to force them to support the position of religious men and their governments to turn down requests to sign humanitarian conventions or treaties which give them minimum rights.

They fought women, cursed them and called them names but in secret they don’t hesitate to crawl on their fours to win their satisfaction.

Did you know who they are? They are those who are involved in sexual cases, adventures with women and involved in ethical scandals including writers and politicians from the Muslim Brotherhood and are known to all.

They never stop claiming via the social media that they are the protectors of virtue and defenders of morals.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

This news has been read 6631 times!

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