Deadly drugs and silence of the Sphinx!

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WE dedicate the news on the spread of deadly drugs, which was published by Al-Qabas daily on July 14 and the hidden information that could be greater than what has been published, to all bearded who wear the shortest ‘dishdasha’. We no longer see them. We no longer hear their opinions, except in our country that has been stricken by their likes, because the brotherly country which exported the ideas of their ilk had clipped their wings. They praised the opinions and decisions of the courageous leadership that held them back and cast stones at them.

We go back to the news published by Al-Qabas daily. It limited our morals to our young sons and daughters who are inclined to take deadly drugs, which develop a spirit of aggression up to the point of killing young people, fathers and mothers. This happened for the first time in Kuwait — a mother who killed her own child under the influence of these bloody toxins!

Al-Qabas daily reported that revenues from drug trade whose perpetrators were arrested reached KD200 million or $600 million dollars in the last 18 months. Definitely, whatever is hidden could be dozens of times higher, because the prices of toxic and narcotic products in Kuwait are 10 times higher than the prices in neighboring countries!!  This resulted in 300 percent increase in the number of recorded crimes that youths committed over the past year. These crimes include 97 murders and attempted murders; as well as 1,550 kidnapping and assault committed by young people aged 17 to 30 years old. It was found that most of them consumed deadly substances at the time they committed such bloody crimes.

Personally, I believe, and it could be likely that these shameful bloody practices are due to one of the main clauses of Article 206 of the Penal Code, which prohibits the import and sale of alcoholic drinks. This is implemented only in Kuwait. God Almighty has forbidden consumption of alcoholic drinks “to the point of intoxication” when prayer time is approaching; stating, “Do not pray when you are drunk.”

Texts on buying, selling and eating have been circulating throughout history — since the revelation of the Islamic message until now, except Kuwait with its infamous Article 206 of the Penal Code.

We have visited all parts of the world, including the sisterly Gulf countries. We have visited their cafés, restaurants and nightclubs; yet we have not seen in them even one percent of the violence we see and hear about daily from our youths and adults because of the deadly substances, which are prohibited in all countries.

I say to people with long beards: The blood of drug victims and the limitation of their freedoms are on your necks … and the necks of our governments that fear their shadow and the shadow of the long-bearded ruler, as well as your opinions which were abandoned by civilized and open societies.

On the other hand, we see that you are silent — silence of the Sphinx in the face of billionaire thefts, corruption and rampant deterioration wherever we turn in Kuwait, which you have brought to the bottom of backwardness.

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This news has been read 53195 times!

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