Dalal … ‘educational chaos’

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Dalal’s ‘trauma’ with Ministry of Higher Education deserves to be told. After Dalal graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, she joined a private company, and one day she heard of an offer made by the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) to send five young people to study in the best universities in the world to obtain a Master’s degree.

Dalal and two other young men grabbed the tempting scholarships offer from the KIA and the other two chairs offers remained empty.

Few young people know how to take advantage of opportunities, as many prefer to complain about low wages, and subsequently send messages weeping about bank loans and their interests there-off, and demanding they be dropped! What we have to do is …

Dalal chose to join the prestigious French University of Insead, and one of the two young men went to the London Business School, and the third chose the Wharton University, the prestigious American University in Pennsylvania.

In 2007, Dalal obtained a Master’s degree, but she was surprised by the refusal of higher education to respect her degree, because the university is not recognized and wondered at the choice of the KIA for accepting that university, and the acceptance by the Kuwaiti embassy in Paris, and the payment of the high university fees and expenses.

Dalal did not care at first, as she got a good job in an investment company in Switzerland, and they recognized her mastership degree with pleasure.

Because of family circumstances, she was forced to return to the homeland, work in a local job, and returned to the same drama, as the ministry refused to recognize her degree, and this greatly affected her salary, whether at her workplace or in terms of labor support.

Nevertheless, Dalal was not let down, rather, she insisted on claiming her right, and increased her visits to the concerned authorities, but in the end she gave up, angry, sad and desperate, after the Higher Education informed her in 2016 that the ministry has lost her high school and bachelor’s certificates which are very necessary to recognize Insead’s certificate.

At the beginning of the current year, Dalal got an excellent opportunity, but it required the approval of the ‘Central Bank of Kuwait’ to assume her prestigious banking position, and it was necessary to present all her academic papers to be appointed, so she, with the support of her workplace, sought again to obtain a copy of her high school secondary certificate and authenticate together with bachelor’s degree, which took six months, and her problem remained with her degree from Insead University and the continuing refusal of the Higher Education to recognize it.

Somebody asked her to appeal to the Ministry, and this is what she did. The Ministry formed a committee, and after deliberations, waiting for 13 years, with pain and loss of remarkable income, the backward ministry agreed to recognize her certificate.

For the knowledge of senior officials of the Ministry of Education, the French Insead College is the best business school in the world and it has been ranked first more than once, ahead of Harvard Business School, London Business School, the Wharton School, and Stanford University.

Can any sane person believe that all this ‘educational’ chaos occurs in a country that says it is a state of institutions and respects itself?

And who will punish those who have caused all this suffering and these losses of time, effort, and money of Dalal Ja’afar Behbehani?

As usual, no one!

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 22235 times!

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