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Thursday , October 6 2022

Corrupt seen through the eyes of innocence

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The speeches and sermons and words spoken by some laced with religious sentiments and recitation of texts with the utmost strength and a beautiful tinge of mannerism does not make sense more often than not because those who preach don’t practice what they preach but rather they happen to be the front-liners in committing a series of violations especially if they are politicians.

Despite the relative financial well-being of a majority of them, we may be the only people in the world who do not hesitate to commit a big number of violations, transgress the law in order to increase their wealth often by illegal means and infringe on the rights of others without remorse since they believe that what they have obtained or are seeking to obtain is their right, and also because they believe that the goods of this world are booty if they do not a share by hook or by crook others will take not knowing what they do is no different from the law of the jungle.

The percentage of students who do not hesitate to cheat in exams, including religious subjects, and within religious institutes is dangerous, and there are parents who are willing to use force and misbehave if someone tries to prevent their children from cheating.

What is important is that the boy succeeds and advances and becomes a legislator or a legal person, and therefore cheating is legitimate and there is nothing wrong with it and then everyone can go to perform the prayer.

Therefore, even clerics, some of whom fill the space of social media and state television with their annoying noise and their ill opinions did not hesitate to seek educational certificates from unrecognized or fictitious educational institutions, including the well-known preacher who falsely claimed that he obtained a doctorate in “Sharia” from America.

We do not care about the ignorance or knowledge of those bearers of the doctorate titles, but it hurts us seriously and their bad influence on young people, especially since after the liberation they have become stars on all media fronts and the government pours millions on them, appointing them to the highest positions.

Therefore, we see that the rate of fraud, forgery and manipulation in society because of these and others, is high.

The percentage of those who do the fingerprint attendance (in and out) at the same time is big, and silence about them encourages others to commit the same behavior.

There is cheating in marriage and disability certificates, claiming mental illness, increasing the children’s allowance, and even tampering with their first and family names to forge the truth of their lineage.

The Disability Authority is also, for decades, used to publish seasonal statistics on fraud cases it detects, and other fraud cases in rental support applications, in addition to the lucky ones who claim illness who only fall sick with the advent of holidays.

During the era of one of the health ministers, the bill for treatment abroad was more than two billion dollars due to corruption and the hand of justice could not reach him despite all this corruption.

The pages of Al-Qabas are not enough to talk about cases of fraud and manipulation of the state, often with the blessing of MPs and ministers and in broad daylight, and it is baffling that the entire team that was implicated in these grave violations do not hesitate to stand in line together to perform prayer, and among them are some who overthrew honorable ministers just because they refused requests of dishonest MPs so they decided to burn them politically.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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