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‘Coronavirus: blessing in disguise’ – Crisis teaches people to tread right path

I WILL summarize what has been written for decades, and I will convey the sufferings of the simple and ordinary people and what the reformers are demanding. This is a very useful summary that may not cover all issues due to space constraints but take my word for what I write down far away from compliments,” columnist Dr Turki Al-Azmi wrote for Al-Rai daily.

Low income citizens whether an employee or a deputy nearing the age of retirement who suddenly finds his bank balance bloating and driving a luxury vehicle — some of them own a bevy of luxury cars – owns a yacht, a farm, luxury villas and owns a building here or there outside the country.

On the other side, an ordinary citizen whose son reaches the age of marriage and his father is waiting for land and a loan while another receives the loan and stops construction after laying the foundation stone and borrows at the rate of 80,000 dinars to complete the building. “You receive the allowance for high cost of living to buy only a sheep and children’s allowance that does not cover your monthly supply.

A hardworking citizen who fights corruption ends up being sent into retirement or is denied promotion and ‘work excellence’ award.

A citizen who wants to end his transactions smoothly, whether it is a simple transaction, a transfer requested by a female teacher nearest to her home or a treatment abroad, such transactions are rejected simply because they cannot muster ‘wasta’.

A citizen is looking for a strategic alternative, perhaps his salary will be adjusted and the matter is still under consideration.

A citizen has been complaining of bureaucracy for decades and suddenly the Corona pandemic strikes to prove to us that you can complete transactions while you are sitting in the comfort of your home.

A citizen finds his son completing his primary education but he doesn’t know how to read or write and we are still looking to develop education, both lower and higher.

A citizen inadvertently commits a mistake and is punished by deducting money from his salary while many thieves steal public money and enjoy at the cost of the state and we say ‘easy come, easy go’. Some citizens wash their clothes while others wash money (money laundering).

What do these simple issues mean that the citizens talk about? Solutions are available, the reasons are known, and the opinion of the reformers is not taken into account, the reasons for which are unknown.

The financial gain is of two types: ‘halal’ and ‘haram’, and administrative work is of two types: sound and flabby corrupt.

Competent people are only those who search for effective solutions are honest and do not look for compliments or interests or rewards but they only want someone to listen to them.

Everything has become crystal clear and the scourge of Corona has opened the eyes of the people. Praise God the virus has made us learn what we had failed to for decades because we continued to walk the wrong path.

We need statesmen and solutions do not come through compliments — as is the case — in presenting issues and their roots.

God Almighty made us discover the reasons for our decline during the corona crisis. Give thanks to God and thank Him for the blessing of security and faith.

Fear God and don’t be unjust to simple people by hiring incompetent people in leadership positions who are tools of corruption because in the world of today we can track everything — administratively and financially.”

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