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Wednesday , December 2 2020

Corona, contemporary bomb defeating WMDs

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

FOR a virus that cannot be seen with naked eyes to conquer the entire world and spread over 135 countries, disconnecting and isolating them apart, is truly the most serious human test in the current century. It calls for a deep thought about many destructive projects that some countries are striving to accomplish by either taking control through weaponry excellence or changing the faiths of other nations.

The emerging coronavirus has rendered powerful countries helpless, such that they are not different from tiny countries and those with limited means, considering the procedures taken. They all agree to the same clear framework within which no one is neutral. They all follow instructions from the World Health Organization (WHO) without any political smartness that indicates foolishness or backwardness.

The United States of America, Russia, China, France, Britain … and other countries that have been flexing muscles through weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) for several decades are today unable to protect their citizens. Their destructive weapons are useless during widespread nature of this pandemic, and the international law that gives them immunity cannot control it. Therefore, it is necessary to think deeply, return to the logic, and stay away from bravado. They should open doors to useful knowledge that is more necessary than other useless calculations.

If those countries stand helpless in front of this scourge, what about the country that is basically suffering from economic problems and unbearable standard of living? She continues to be stubborn, blindly apportioning blame to others, and trying to escape upfront and distorting facts, especially in relation to her inability to overcome the pandemic. She had initially claimed the pandemic to be far away, and later deliberately propagated the conspiracy theory by claiming to be facing a microbial war.

I am talking about Iran and the series of her infections in the Middle East. At a time when the massive spread of virus there has resulted in thousands being infected and hundreds of deaths recorded to the extent that it has hit the topmost pyramid of the authority, the regime hid the fact due to the electoral drama and continued with the regional expansion project. However, she is no longer capable of treating even a single patient, and her ballistic missiles and nuclear project cannot rescue her. She ended up resorting to begging the world to give her chance to import necessary medical equipment, and seeking a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

In the past years, Tehran boasted of owning advanced medical and medicine industries, claiming that she is self-sufficient in that aspect. The charlatanism has been unveiled today, and the false claim of the leadership of Al-Mulla regime of Iran’s capability to destroy and discipline those who attack Iran, has been exposed.

Exposing people’s lives to danger increased curses from peoples of many countries, because Iran did not implement the most basic preventive measures and allowed thousands of their citizens to leave the place without their government being aware of the spread of the coronavirus or taking any precautionary measure to protect them. This fact is not limited to Iran. All nuclear camp countries seem to be helpless today in the face of the coronavirus. Will the world learn from this lesson and allocate billions of dollars to scientific researches in preventive medicine, fighting destructive viruses and human healthcare instead of wasting it for accumulation of weapons or wasteful expenditures?

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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