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Confusion and chaos rampant in corridors

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The Brotherhood’s deputy in the parliament, Osama Al-Shaheen, submitted a proposal to assign the Public Authority for Minors’ Affairs (PAMA), the Public Institution for Social Security (PIFSS) and the Endowment Secretariat with the task of renovating and operating the Mubarakiya market.

This prompted colleague Souad Al-Moajel to ask, in a recent article in Al-Qabas, why Al-Shaheen included the endowment secretariat, which is affiliated with the ‘Awqaf’, into something far from its duties?

Al-Moajel also touched on the problem of separating the Faculty of Sharia, which I and the late Ahmad al-Baghdadi have long written about, since its separation which resulted in confusion and chaos in the definition of the lawyer’s profession and the limits and conditions of his work, especially in light of the difference in the academic level between a law graduate and a Sharia graduate, a difference that encouraged many to join the College of Sharia and take advantage of the benefits of a law graduate, noting that Sharia certificates do not qualify them to practice the legal profession.

The colleague also touched on the abuses of the Ministry of Awqaf in various fields, and what newspapers and reports of the Audit Bureau read daily about an employee who embezzled hundreds of thousands, or an accountant who stole a quarter of a million dinars, to a ruling to imprison former employees of the ministry in embezzlement cases, this is other than the transgressions of some imams who record attendance in work without actually practicing work, to dozens of muezzins who are absent from their work, and some imams exploiting the pulpits of their mosques to promote the projects of their political parties.

Add to the above latest project that was the announcement of a children’s story writing competition. The Awqaf ministry has become an integrated state and no one wants to approach it, nor does it want to respond to the reports of the Audit Bureau regarding its continuous and repeated violations for half a century.

Colleague Ali Al-Baghli participated in the battle, and said in his article that the Ministry of Awqaf has no equal in many sister countries. He also drew attention to the apparent exaggeration in the size of its new building, which cost the state 38 million dinars, a huge sum by all standards for a ministry that has enough space in the Ministries Complex.

He said that he was surprised that the building, before it was fully occupied, needed maintenance of approximately 4 million dinars, this is of course other than the ministry’s serious other violations that the Audit Bureau reports about the “manipulation” of some of its employees, their interference in what does not concern them, and the issuance of fatwas contrasted with the core orientations of other government agencies.

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By Ahmad alsarraf