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Campaign against expats unjustified

THE sudden emergence of a ferocious campaign — unprecedented — against the expatriates in the Kuwaiti political and social arenas is like the latter are the main reason behind the spread of corruption and nepotism in every aspect of the society.

It is as if the expatriates are the cause of chaos and violations of law on our streets. Once we start driving, we are no longer certain whether we will reach our destination or not.

It is as if the expatriates are members of the executive, legislative and judicial authorities all at once.

It is as if the foreigners recruited and brought more than 600,000 domestic workers to Kuwait, because their wives and daughters are grandchildren of the famous French queen — Marie Antoinette — who met her death through the guillotine of the July 14 French revolutionists.

It is as though the foreigners brought all the marginalized laborers who roam the streets in our city and the suburbs such as Jleeb Al-Shouyoukh, for a huge amount received by unscrupulous Kuwaitis from the sweat of these expatriates with or without work.

Our politician brothers and sisters, if the objective of this campaign is to touch the emotions of honorable voters, then the operation is a success, although the perpetrators, as we have mentioned before, are partly your voters. You also contribute partially by processing illegal transactions to amass wealth at the expense of the marginalized foreigner.

Responsibility falls partially as well on the administration agency which is full of corruption, bribery and nepotism.

Did the one who agitated for this unjustified ferocious campaign ever thought that this issue can be dealt with in a more civilized manner through the policy of replacing foreigners with citizens, issuing regulations and controlling employment procedures, especially in the government sector and particularly, in the advisory sector?

For instance, giving priority to qualified citizens should be a norm, especially if the required qualification matches that of expatriates in government jobs. This is practiced in almost all other countries where it is very rare to find a foreign worker in a public or government department.

This is not the way to handle the issue, and I mean, your way of agitating the issue about expatriates.

This matter, which is very complicated and serious, needs to be handled with extreme care; given that it puts the reputation of Kuwait, its government, legislators and citizens at the receiving end of justified international criticism and condemnation.

Furthermore, such an attitude has prompted the international community to align Kuwait with governments of unilateral opinion which lack freedom of expression, belief, equality, justice and democracy … and the opposite of these abhorred traits are what Kuwaitis are proud of having, contrary to many other communities.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli – Former Minister of Oil

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