‘Bulldozer’ of 47 MPs needs a government ‘bulldozer’

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AN amazing number of parliamentarians turned up for their meeting, which was unexpected.

In this regard, we must recognize their initiative and gesture upon which to build on. This can establish a new phase different from what the country has become accustomed to in the past years.

First of all, MP Muhammad Hayef is noted for coordinating this meeting in his diwaniya and his success in bringing together 47 parliamentarians of different orientations. Their agreement on some broad lines is considered a consensus, which must apply to the rest of the files that concern the people.

We also recognize the formation of some committees to follow up as a successful step, which needs activation in the National Assembly in order to look at about 400 projects and legislation proposals, which have been stored in its drawers for years but it is better late than never.

There is a lot that awaits the parliamentarians with regard to populist laws, or factors that the country needs for advancement including freedoms and liberties. It is inconceivable that a citizen who posted a message on Twitter criticizing the behavior of an official would be put in prison for five years. Some of them were sentenced for 40 to 60 years.

It is true that the parliamentarians have the right to agree on the names of the National Assembly Speaker or the members of the office of the parliament and committees. However, work must be done to rid Kuwait of the crises that were caused in the last stage, as it is unacceptable that the country has been torn between conflicts for 30 years. Everything in it is broken, and its projects are prey to bribery and the game of personal interests. It is also suffering from poor education.

On this occasion, the Minister of Higher Education did well by putting an end to playing with people’s lives through outputs that are not at the required level in several disciplines. It is necessary to restore confidence in the local health sector, instead of permanently opting for overseas treatments.

Likewise, it is not right to accept graduates with certificates from the Philippines or other countries that they did not visit, or whose language they do not speak, but end up getting appointed to the highest positions using these certificates. Whoever obtains a forged certificate does not build a state because of butterflies in his stomach that keeps him unsettled or jittery, and hence surrounds himself with his likes.

These headlines are just a few of the problems facing Kuwait, which urgently needs to start passing legislation to diversify the sources of income, instead of just relying on oil. It should follow the example of other Gulf countries that opened their doors to investors in order to enhance its commercial and economic cycle.

For instance, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia currently has about 12 million foreigners, and the UAE has about nine million. They are not intimidated by the large number of expatriates working to enhance the financial cycle and increase added economic values.

The world opens its doors to expatriates and immigrants to further enhance the economic and social movement, while Kuwait closes itself as if the world was infected with the plague, and it should not be dealt with.

Therefore, we beg to ask – What harms Kuwait if there are 20 million expatriates who contribute to the local economy and build industries? We have not heard of any of the expatriates in the Emirates who took with them the real estate or the house that they bought, or the factory that they built there, when they left the country.

Indeed, the parliamentarians have a lot of work to do, and it is good to call for them to continue the session and not to adjourn it for the summer vacation. This is because Kuwait needs every second to get out of its crises. This is their mission as they can impose the reform agenda on the government, and work with it for the sake of Kuwait.

We reaffirm that this meeting is a good sign, and it is credited to MP Muhammad Hayef. We pray to Almighty Allah that the MPs will be at the heart of one man for reform, instead of rioting and imposing personal programs, just as this parliamentary “bulldozer” needs a government “bulldozer” to accompany it.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 28332 times!

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