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Science says it is normal to forget with the passing of time and that everything is linked to the brain, every move has an impact on the brain. Many people do not know that the information we forget can be retrieved by the following way: Press hard on the right hand grip and the left part of the brain responsible for memory information activates.

When we are ready to answer a question or remember what we forget, we repeat the same with the left hand grip to activate the right part of the brain responsible for recalling the required information, and often we will remember what we wanted to say.

Today, I read a WhatsApp message about a funny experience showing how different we are from each other as human beings in identifying simple things. In a question about the color of a sneaker, to me with a background looked gray and green lines, but for some others it looked white with pink lines and this is completely different from what I or others saw.

The comment accompanying the picture says that the difference in identifying color is normal between individuals mainly due to which part of the brain has greater control over us.

The brain is divided into two parts, left and right and each part controls the entire movement of the opposite part of the body, and one of them often is more dominant in human behavior than the other, and this theory is subject to scientific scrutiny now.

In fact we are a combination of characteristics on both sides of the brain with the predominance of one of them on the other. In general, those who are controlled by the left part of the brain are often logical, interested in detail, impressed by the facts, linguistically good, creative in science and sport, understanding the circumstances of others, more flexible, risk averse, and capable of solving puzzles.

On the other hand, those who are controlled by the right part of the brain are more inclined to use their emotions to judge others, they always have a broader picture of any subject, they have a greater ability to imagine, and a good ability to understand and use signs and symbols compared to words, and often follow their intuition, and are generally reckless or hasty, but appreciate what others offer them in terms of service or help, and more spontaneous in the behavior and thought and mostly have stronger personality.

How do we know to which side of the brain we are inclined and controlled we have to look for simple choices and they are in the form of simple online questions about our ability to remember a person’s name or his face, our ability to know the approximate time without looking at the watch, what kind of sports tendencies, do we tend to individual games or group games, how far we can remember our dreams after we wake up, and several other questions.

I underwent one of these tests and I found that I was 75% right in my personality. What is important here is to remember that what you see (color or colors of a piece of cloth, car or shoe is not necessarily the same as others see) and this should not shock us or be a cause of disagreement and stubbornness with others.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 9291 times!

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