Black history of extremism

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A female political activist posted a tweet saying that the difference in the intellectual orientation with the Muslim Brotherhood does not mean that we attack them and support the (US President Donald) Trump and describe them as terrorists. The writer justified her position that no terrorist incident took place in Kuwait, but to the contrary they contributed to building the homeland and no one can deny that fact except the denier.

I will vouch here and be glad and wish that with the publication of this article the US President has made his decision to consider the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. The history of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist movements has been linked to verbal and practical violence and this was encountered by armed opposition for decades by the concerned authorities.

As long as these movements seek or aspire to come to power in predominantly dictatorships, recourse to violence is their only means, and when they have more than an opportunity to form the government through the ballot boxes, they failed to act as a political party, but act as if they will remain in power forever and those who oppose it, oppose God and His Messenger, and are cursed until the day of judgment.

This led to struggles with their enemies some of whom were overthrown, imprisoned and their political activities were banned. What the Brotherhood does not want to understand is that its ideas are impractical and do not fit the reality of the present times. They must change their skin and change their worn-out ideas and renounce violence, verbal and practical, if they want to come to power.

It is strange that a party uses a logo of two swords and the word ‘Prepare’ quoted from the text of the Quran: “And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others.” 

We may ask here: “Who determines who are the enemy of God and the enemy of Muslims.” How can they conclude, for example, that so and so is the enemy of God and his/her throat must be cut and the other not? The medieval laws and rules are not suitable for this century, and they must understand that the process of governance is a very complex matter that needs following the most effective ways and methods, regardless of whether they conform to their ‘own Islam’ or not.

The public interest requires such effective methods and this is sufficient to follow and adopt them, therefore, their insistence of sticking to the worn out and old ideas will always be a decisive factor in their failure as happened in the countries of the Arab Spring and earlier in Algeria and then in Egypt, and will be repeated wherever they succeed in coming to power.

The theocratic or religious rule as they call it has fallen in all countries of the world without exception, or brought ruin to the nations and backwardness to those who follow it, whether in the Arab Islamic countries or elsewhere, such as the Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan which are the best examples.

In spite of all the repeated setbacks of the Muslim Brotherhood, they have been unable to see the truth. The problem is in their ideas and their authoritarian style of terrorism which always prompts them to become dictators once they reach power even though they came to power because they opposed authoritarianism and dictatorship.

We shall not forget to mention how the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists who hailed what Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi fought for and joined his forces and how this terrorist and his Caliphate State (ISIS) committed all kinds of crimes against the current and ancient civilizations, not to mention the heinous crimes against Muslims and Christians and the involvement in massacres that were never heard of before – years ago.

However, none of the Muslim Brotherhood members dared to describe Al-Baghdadi as infidel, thus the Western world, even the Middle East, had to be hand-in-hand in a coalition against its stupid and backward rule which led to its tragic end.

Terrorism is carried out not just by the sword, gun and the bomb, but also ideas that are planted in the minds of the young people, and a visit to the surroundings of the Muslim Brotherhood Society shows us the seriousness of their activities.

The Brotherhood was also the womb from which all other extremist religious movements were born. We stand with all the powers that call for classifying the organizations of Muslim Brotherhood, secret and public, as terrorist in every sense of the word, until they abandon their terrorist ideas and actions.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 15092 times!

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