Bishop of Canterbury & the Pope Benedict

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The Archbishop of Canterbury was found guilty of driving five miles faster than the authorized limit, and the judge fined him £510!

The Archbishop did not intercede for his prestigious position, or the fact that he placed the crown, days before, on the head of King Charles III, and the latter did not intervene to intercede for him, under the pretext that “this is our son”!

For your information, the bishop was driving his old Volkswagen, without bodyguards, drivers, or escorts, and he is the archbishop of Britain!

In the 1980s, I had previously experienced a similar story, when a judge ruled that the nephew of Queen Elizabeth should pay a very large fine, for driving fast!

The judge justified the harshness of the ruling by saying that members of the royal family are role models for the people, and they must be contradicted in a different way, so that they serve as an example to others!

I think we will need a thousand years to reach their level of understanding of how blind justice works. That is if you would be so kind and wait for us!

The driving violation of the Bishop of Canterbury reminded me of a “joke” that spread a lot in the corridors of the Vatican, after Pope Benedict took over the papacy in 2005, when he received a gift from his motherland, Germany, which was a unique car!

The new pope was impressed by the gift, and decided, in clear contravention of custom, to drive it himself. Late at night, he asked his driver to accompany him and sit in the back seat.

Driving a car was an experience that the Pope had missed since he entered the priesthood, when he was in his early twenties, and it was difficult for him to resist the temptation to drive it fast, and it was only moments until a policeman on a motorcycle stopped him, and he bent forward, and as soon as he recognized the personality of the greatest pontiff, who remained indifferent to the matter, he took two steps backwards and made a call to his boss, and the following strange conversation took place between them:

* Sir, I just stopped a very well known personality for speeding in the streets of Rome, what should I do?

* Issue him a violation; no one is above the law.

* But he is a VVIP that you can’t imagine.

* Issue him a violation; no matter how big he is.

* Sir, please understand me he is a VVIP and can be a dangerous character.

* I told you twice: issue him a violation; whatever the degree and status of that character.

* But he is really big and dangerous.

* What do you mean big, important and dangerous?

Sir, I do not know exactly who that character is, but what I do know very well is that the driver of that person is His Eminence, Pope Benedict.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 14948 times!

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