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Monday , January 18 2021

‘Big fish will escape the law’ – Kuwait not a temporary abode

“THE case of the Bangladeshi (the man who had introduced himself in Kuwait as an MP in his country), is just a specimen of the State of Kuwait’s torment under the rampancy of corruption at the level of State institutions,” columnist and the editor-in-chief of Al-Seyassah electronic newspaper Sattam Ahmad Al-Jarallah wrote for the daily.

Sattam Al Jarallah

The media focus on it should not be just because of diverting the public opinion from other issues issue, but all government officials should work seriously and honestly to clean up their departments from corruption and the corrupt if we want the situation to change, if not this Bangladeshi will go and others will come, and they will be more fierce than him.

Not just that, those who will take the issue after getting rid of those who are involved in this unlawful trade, because if they have wind in their stomachs they will learn from the experience of others, and they will change methods to increase corruption.

Given the above, the issue should not be exploited for informational propaganda, because we fear it will disappear when another scandal is revealed and this means corruption will repeat itself or as the Arab proverb says ‘Halima will return to her old habits’ and the situation, shall remain as it is.

Consequently, we wonder is this the reform we are talking about. Will the suggestions on the agenda of the National Assembly lead to handle the current defect in the country’s population structure? And will these suggestions benefit the national economy?

There is no doubt that every person accused in the case of the Bangladeshi has his electoral backer, who works day and night to prevent his trial.

Not only that, it is not ruled out that this man, who has managed to penetrate various state departments, has his own men. In other words, if he has employed some citizens to accompany him, in addition to some MPs and officials, is it not possible that he shall use his mediator (wasta), especially since he is a MP in his country, who also has contacts and acquaintances in Kuwait, who will not abandon him.

Given the above, we expect this man as usual will leave the country and start practicing his activities from abroad, but under the name of a new company. Moreover, he is likely to return to Kuwait on a new passport.

Unfortunately, the situations in the country, have reached such a level, and we find ourselves busy with a specific issue at the expense of the remaining issues that have been raised, as if Kuwaitis have to live in an epidemic of corruption and greed, or rather as if they see their homeland as just a market or a hotel, or a temporary homeland, who do not refrain from doing anything to increase their wealth and then escape abroad.

From now, we expect that the case of the Bangladeshi will end in nothing, and it will be forgotten, and some small visa dealers will be tried. As for the trademarks of this trade, they will not be affected but the big visa traders (hamour) will escape the law.

Rather, we do not rule out that we will see again thousands of victims of these visa traders will be having fun in Kuwait after the current crisis ends, and the prices of visa may soar. Therefore, nothing will change if the mentality does not change, and if the Kuwaitis are not convinced that their homeland is a permanent homeland and not a temporary abode, they must work for the sake of the continuity of their homeland.

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