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WE have been living in our blessed land with the blessing of oil since it was discovered by the British. The best blessing for the oil of our land is purchasing our car fuel at a low price because it is extracted from our land and refined in our land. However, we are now plagued with the current oil leaders such that our conditions have turned into something unbelievable.

I worked as the Minister of Oil for decades and I was greatly shocked when the Al-Qabas newspaper published on Thursday, November  25 an investigation, or rather a terrifying report, on the catastrophic failure of these oil leaders through the import of gasoline from abroad by the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) for domestic consumption.

This is something that have never happened before in our history except when we faced a catastrophe such as the invasion of our country by Saddam and the burning of oil wells in the 1990s.

In 2017, Kuwait faced a real shortage in the gasoline product, which was solved by importing from abroad, a matter that Al-Qabas warned about in its May 1, 2017 issue under the title “Kuwait imports one billion liters of gasoline”. The shameful import decision came as a result of the negative consequences of unstudied decisions, foremost of which is the decision to close down Shuaiba Refinery early, as the closure decision was supposed to be simultaneous with the start of the new refinery’s work.

This shameful decision to import gasoline was made by the sector’s leaders who are fundamentalists and a group of losers. The Minister of Oil and Higher Education – we have no idea what oil has to do with higher education – recently caused several errors that were mentioned in the report of 2020/2021 by the State Audit Bureau on a number of observations related to the environmental fuel project.

Those who read the seven observations in the report related to the administrative and technical failure of the oil sector will feel ashamed and sorry for these leaders of such a sensitive sector, which is now competing with other government sectors in failure and corruption that has been prevalent lately. This is because these leaders do not fear punishment, and thus went too far in their failure, which in turn affects every Kuwaiti citizen of this country whose leaders put the wrong man in the wrong place.

We hope that the disasters of this sector will end with the termination of the services of some of its leaders soon.

We hope to see the same happen with other leaders in the near future, whose actions are accompanied by catastrophic failure while they sit in their homes, in order to get rid of their chain of failure.

My dear reader, believe it or not, thanks to the failure of these leaders, we are importing fuel for our cars from abroad, and imagine that the borders are closed as a result of strikes, wars or health disasters, as we see now.

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By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

This news has been read 29411 times!

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