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Friday , September 17 2021

‘Beirut will emerge victorious from the ashes of port blast’

‘O youth of Lebanon, Arabs are with you’

“THERE is no doubt that the catastrophe which hit the Lebanese capital Beirut is unprecedented by all means. It is the modern replica of Hiroshima of the past and cannot be overlooked because the tragedies are too many,” columnist Sattam Ahmad Al-Jarallah wrote for Al-Seyassah daily.

Sattam Al Jarallah

“However, somewhere a ray hope has emerged from the wreckage and the tragedy, which makes one be rest assured that Lebanon will not die. The ray of hope is produced by the young men from all sects and religions who have rushed to help, armed with simple means — they clean the rubble, comfort the affected, and work to raise the morale of people, and this is the most important thing.

“We must pay attention to the voices of those young people and we must support them, and we, the Arab youth, must learn from them the meaning of ‘belonging’ – a sense of belonging to the nation without partisan discourse, sectarian tendencies or anything similar.

“To these young people, we say: ‘You have proven that you can change, and that you are able to build a country worthy of you, if you continue in this spirit – the spirit and determination that you have shown over the past few days, and if you are convinced that all parties are nothing more than swamps that generate hatred and division – you will stand hand in hand victorious.

“These parties are the ones that plant death among you, whether they are pushing you to death in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, or the corrupt people who trick you into supporting them for their selfish interests. The spontaneity of your action has proven that you are able to shake off the dust of the last stage with all its fabrication, fraud and attempts to prepare you to fight wars on behalf of ‘foreigners’.

“Today you are the hope of your country. You build it with your determination. You can move mountains if you listen to your inner voice. You can move mountains if you give a deaf ear to the speeches of a terrorist who wants to kill as this terrorist pursues the Iranian agenda.

“The same can be said of the warlords who fought during the civil war and used you as fuel and later imposed themselves over you as your leaders and have made you captive after the past 30 years of domination on the potentials of your country and ultimately pushed to migrate to earn a living in foreign lands, because these parties had actually dominated both your future and your present.

“Oh, you the youth of Lebanon, keep in mind all the Arabs are with you if you detach yourselves from the partisan and sectarian tendencies. If you are determined to make the future of your country bright with your wonderful patriotism, you will not witness such tragedies in future – the tragedies that have pushed the beautiful country of Lebanon to the brink of disaster.

“Hence, we requested you to revolt against this poor reality because this represents a historical opportunity which may not come knocking on your doors again and this means it is an opportunity if lost, you will lose Lebanon… your Lebanon. “Remain committed to your slogan ‘All parties and politicians must leave … and this means all of them without exception’.”

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