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Become ‘wolves’ to deter the foxes

THERE is an Arab adage – If you are not a mischievous wolf, the foxes will walk all over you. The decision makers in Kuwait are required to reflect on this saying, especially these days, with chaos reigning due to slackness of the executive authority and the lack of a firm decision to prevent the tampering with the security of Kuwait.

Given that the ruling depends on decisions, an initiative must be taken to stop the country’s depletion at all levels. Therefore, the Constitutional Court’s ruling, which was issued yesterday to nullify the parliamentary status of Dr Bader Al-Dahoum, is an indication that the balance of justice through the Kuwaiti judiciary’s measures is the only source of strength that remains for us.

This should be the standard with which other authorities work, especially the executive authority so that it does not remain captive to the chaos caused by the MPs who revealed their true colors from the moment they won, and did not hide their work which is based on a special agenda that has nothing to do with the national agenda.

Unfortunately, those who are known for their orientations and personal interests were met by a semi-submissive government that was persistent in not responding. This made it seem powerless in the eyes of Kuwaitis. Its impotence is the reason for the spread of liquidity in all institutions and the disruption of the country to such an extent that the economic crisis has become a great threat.

It unfortunately also seems as though the government is oblivious to this reality. Instead of setting a clear and quick plan to remedy the imbalance, the Minister of Finance comes out to say, “We need $90 per a barrel of oil to make Kuwait’s budget deficit zero”. This does not bode well at all.

Since the last 40 years, everyone has been warning Kuwait about the harm of total dependence on oil, and that the failure to diversify sources of income would lead to major structural crises. However, the successive governments turned a deaf ear to these calls, and the most they could do in response was an expression of concern, as if this fateful matter did not directly concern them.

All this led to the current situation, which forces us to acknowledge the truth despite its bitterness. In fact, the government is not alone to be blamed, but the political system as a whole, which has great constitutional powers. As we have said several times, it begins with dissolving the parliament and reaches the approval of the decrees of necessity, especially in light of the existence of a parliament that rejects all the solutions offered because the MPs are focused only on what is important to them.

For example, diversifying sources of income is still a distant dream due to the absence of a plan for the revival of industrial and tourism sectors, and the failure to implement the Silk City and the Northern Economic Zone projects, and many other projects that form a basic platform for a productive and diversified economy that accommodates tens of thousands of national manpower.

This parliament, as well as its predecessor, has not offered any solutions. It refuses to borrow from overseas or withdraw from the future generations fund. At the same time, it works on fulfilling the absurd demands of the MPs, and conceals all of this with the slogan of democracy. It claims that the people are the source of authority, but the balance of power for 400 years has been much more in the people than the slogans of the MPs. It is the rule that achieved the accurate democracy.

This fact must be well understood by the decision makers. They must be firm with their decisions to settle the matter, because the absence of a decision has put the government in the MPs’ line of fire. It hardly attains a vote of confidence and resorts to resignation whenever an MP expresses his intention to interpellate.

Nonetheless, all this hasn’t been achieved because of the government’s argument that “the parliament rejects these projects”. This is tantamount to what was mentioned at the beginning of this article, which is – “If you are not a mischievous wolf, the foxes will walk all over you”.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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