Bashar & ‘righteous’ decision

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An Amiri decree was issued pardoning a group of citizens and others who had previously had their state citizenship revoked, in addition to a person sentenced to death for a state security crime, another failed politician, a third who forged his certificate, in addition to a terrorist, another who stole donation funds, a tenth known as sectarian killer, and a group of those who escaped from prison sentences, and others.

The amnesty did not include three citizens, for reasons unknown to the insider. Only the doctor, Bashar Adnan Al-Baghli, remained alone and distinguished in his case, as he had previously been included in a pardon, and a case similar to the case in which he had previously been pardoned remained in his record.

Dr. Bashar was accused, while studying medicine in Britain, where he still works in hospitals, of sending a tweet that harmed national unity, and another tweet related to insulting a Gulf country.

Dr. Bashar says he admits to one of the two tweets, while the other was from a fake account attributed to him, but he was sentenced to a prison term in absentia, and his circumstances did not allow him to return and face the charge, for fear of the prison sentence being executed against him.

As for the other, it was dropped when a pardon was issued, and one is pending. However , a pardon had previously been issued to anyone who tweeted something similar, or he was sentenced to pay financial fines, and the last of these rulings was for a well-known tweeter.

I do not know Bashar Al-Baghli, and none of his family or friends contacted me to ask me to write about him, his circumstances, and his misfortune. I have never met him, and there are only two or three messages between me and him on the X platform, but I am aware that he is a person of good conduct and the son of a noble and well-known family.

Brother of the late MP and Minister Ali Al-Baghli, I know, of course, that he has been living in exile for many years, far from his homeland, his family, and his loved ones.

He is over forty years old, and his return to his homeland does not pose a threat to anyone. Also, the country is in dire need of someone with his experience, and we hope that those concerned will seek to issue a high paternal pardon for him.

It appears from the data, his entitlement to pardon, and the lack of seriousness of his “crime” compared to the majority of those who were issued generous pardon, that an “administrative oversight” may have dropped his name from being included in the pardon lists, as he is indeed, according to the data available to me, the first to deserve the princely honor, regardless of his accusation or because of his good conduct, or because of his rare knowledge and specialization.

Truth, reality, and justice require, after all that has happened, the zeroing out of the prisons, and the dropping of even the cases of debtors from the days of the climate crisis, who have had forty lean years. It is not permissible, with reason and justice, for a single prisoner convicted of cases other than murder and drugs to remain in prison after reviewing “the history of some of those who were recently pardoned.”

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 860 times!

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