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I met a friend at a dinner party, and he did not hesitate to blame me in front of others for failing to offer condolences on the death of his mother.

My answer or my excuse was simple, which is that I did not know about the death mostly I was outside Kuwait, and he should not have given the matter much attention and if I had known of his mother’s death, I would have at least made a phone call or sent a message on WhatsApp.

I was also surprised at the positions of some who give importance and weight to the issue of those who cherish them and those who do not cherish, and carry blame in his heart for the negligent without bothering to give the other party an excuse, any excuse, and this is one of the characteristics of societies or backward mentalities, knowing that my father passed away some time ago and it was natural for some, for reasons of their own, and among the closest acquaintances, to offer me condolences on his death.

A well-known Kuwaiti teacher died of corona a few months ago, and his family till today cannot accept condolences inside the Diwaniya. The son of the  teacher wrote a rational and emotional article thanking those who called him to offer condolences due to the Covid-19 pandemic and some even sent audio messages on WhatsApp and it gave him a valuable opportunity to learn about several positive aspects and good qualities in his father’s personality, his prominent educational role and the favors he had done for many, which could never have been known through a traditional mourning at a cemetery or a Diwaniya, where neither time nor circumstance permit every mourner to express his true feelings for the deceased.

In his article, the son thanked everyone who called and sent an audio or text message via WhatsApp, calling on the community to apply this temporary custom, and to make it a permanent pattern worthy of being followed during mourning occasions, so that the first day in the cemetery is available to everyone, as was the case half a year ago. There is no doubt that what was mentioned in that article deserves to be noted and considered, and this is what we have already mentioned.

It may not be easy for some, but if any large family, with political and economic weight, perpetuates this new custom, with the first death, it will be easier for those who come after them after examining the benefits and practicality of this method for any family, as it includes saving everyone’s time and making it easier for the elderly, especially the family of the deceased.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 10817 times!

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