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Atrocious road to success


The visitors to a service department in a beautiful Arab country submitted a complaint to the concerned minister that they had to pay a 10,000 lira bribe to the director of the department to pass their transactions. The minister responded to the complaint, but because of the director’s affiliation to a religious party the minister decided to install a secret surveillance camera to have proof that the director received the bribe.

The visitors welcomed the new measures and the issue of bribe stopped for a while. The director then demanded bribe twice the previous amount. When they asked him why, he said: “Ten thousand for me and ten thousand for the supervisor of the surveillance camera.”

In an open society where the news reports are transmitted quickly, in detail and illustrated many times, it is natural that the news of the financially or politically successful persons become the focus of young people, learn from them and methods and ways to climb the ladders of financial and political success, and with time these politicians become role models for many and this is good, of course, if things are done legitimately and become a model of honesty at work.

However, when things get mixed up, a social and moral disaster occurs. Many university students for example have noticed that engaging in political party work at an early stage opens the door to a better job, faster than others and because of such affiliations they will achieve much.

This became evident and clear after the liberation of Kuwait when we saw how a large number of members of political parties came, took their seats in the decision-making centers and some others accumulated a great deal of wealth as a result of obtaining licenses to manage and own many educational, training, consulting, engineering and medical centers through their partisan affiliations in obtaining contracts to operate these centers.

Thus, they tasted financial successes and became big entrepreneurs, despite  their modest family and financial backgrounds. Their houses became palaces, their farms were examples of extravagance, they replaced their old wives with younger ones, and did not hesitate to boast of that and even published photos of their weddings and travels through various means of communication, without respect for their age or religious concerns, and I was among those who congratulated them, ‘secretly’.

We have also seen how some youth of the movement have managed to reach the most vital planning centers, even decision-making centers, shortly after they were on the other side of the political conflict. They have become another example among dozens of other examples, of the fact that political opposition and strong loyalty have positive returns.

The uplifting of these former opponents to the highest level was a source of envy for others who hoped that time would turn them back so that they could change the feelings of loyalty to feelings of power and engage in religious party movement.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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