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Saturday , November 26 2022

Assign task to security company such as G4S

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The Ministry of Interior has a significant role to play especially in a country like ours because among the citizens, there are those whose loyalty is doubtful; there are others whose minds are questionable especially the religious extremists and there are those who came only to make wealth illegally.

And there are those who know that the limited places of entertainment push some to search for illegal ones, even if they are deadly drugs, and the laws prohibiting the consumption of alcoholic drinks in public places has contributed to this. The high income of the citizen pushes some to exploit this to enrich themselves by smuggling contrabands

A large number of expatriates, i.e. two, the majority of whom are of a mature and working age, compared to one citizen, and the majority of them are of young age or do not work, is a problem of concern to the body entrusted with maintaining security, which must remain vigilant 24 hours a day.

The Ministry of Interior’s difficulties are increasing due to the low level of some of its affiliates, their lack of work spirit and insufficient understanding of how to deal with different segments of society — dozens of ethnicities and languages. The Ministry of Interior has done well by obligating the patrols to operate cameras and audio recording when dealing with the public.

There is no doubt that there are more wonderful elements in the ministry, but we do not benefit enough from their expertise, and others are frustrated at their inability to achieve.

For half a century, we have been hearing about the continuation of security campaigns against the prison inmates, and every time we hear or see pictures and videos of raids, finding small weapons, mobile phones, narcotic materials, etc., and we don’t hear anything about who helped smuggle them into the prison, and we didn’t hear about the punishment of any of these people or their referral to the prosecution, and perhaps the reason is that the security establishment does not want to make public the names of securitymen, and prefer to punish them their way.

The security situation of prisons is really worrying, how can prisoners smuggle into the facility all these materials, and how some of them were able to make deals worth millions, blackmail others, sell their land, and deceive well-known men and women?

I do not think that the Ministry has a statistic on the number of times that prison security systems have been hacked, but it is indeed big and dangerous, and requires a tight security measure so that it is very difficult, and we do not say impossible to hack it, and this is not difficult and does not require inventing something new.

The task can easily be assigned to an external security company, not affiliated to any party and we must admit that the prevailing tribal and sectarian norms sometimes work in a stronger manner than the regulations and laws that the ministry has put in place.

The title of the article is the name of an English security company with annual revenues of $10 billion dollars, founded 120 years ago, operating in 90 countries, and has more than half a million employees, and it is one of dozens of similar security companies.

We take this opportunity to express our support to the Minister of Interior and the security forces, thank their efforts to stop drug smuggling operations, which have increased in pace, either because of an unprecedented increase in smuggling or because the eyes of the Interior Ministry’s men have become wide open and we will think well, and agree with the second possibility.

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By Ahmad alsarraf