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Thursday , October 6 2022

Aoun … Guevara in Paris, in Lebanon?

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

“THE country is heading to hell if a government is not formed quickly” – These are the words of the Lebanese President Michel Aoun who is mourning for a republic that started its second centenary weaker and less entrenched, enduring the repercussions of the wars of others on its soil.

Unfortunately, this is today’s reality. Lebanon is in its worst historical moment due to the disease of corruption caused by the element of sectarian quotas and dependence on an evil axis that contaminates and corrupts every land that it enters.

If President Aoun had said this during the first year of his term along with what he preached when he wore Che Guevara’s cap while in exile in Paris where he fought to liberate Lebanon from the Syrian presence and foreign forces, and sought to rescue Lebanon’s sovereign political components, he would have avoided many fires, and economic and political crises, and prevented the isolation that his country is currently suffering from.

But Aoun returned from exile with a different mentality, and even changed completely by seeking alliance with Hezbollah, which thus wiped out all his patriotic stances that set him as a leader when he was in exile in Paris.

Also, if the Maronite Patriarch, to whom the glory of Lebanon was given, had declared his bold stance years ago, and imposed, with the help of the faithful among the Lebanese, what he recently put forward under the title of “active neutrality”, then his country would not have entered this furnace, and the road to hell would not have become as easy as it is today.

However, based on the principle “better late than never”, Michel Aoun’s frank declaration from the presidential palace forces all of the Lebanese to face the reality of the fate that the Iranian party has brought to them, let alone rendering it to be the decision-maker, which led the country to be thrown into the heart of a hurricane.

There is no salvation from this hurricane except by giving up personal and shallow interests, and uniting to work towards saving Lebanon before the entire country falls into the hole of the deep state, as the French Foreign Minister said when he warned against remaining under the authority of Iranian weapons.

This Iranian influence has been used for over the past three decades to suppress Sunnis, Druze, Christians, and Shiites who are opposed to Iran’s hegemony through the militia of royalties, smuggling, kidnapping and atrocities. It also worked towards making its partner in the decision to dominate, I mean the Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri’s militia, the Trojan horse and preventing the legislative institution from carrying out its work.

These militias frustrated the presidential elections at times or prevented the formation of governments except when it was according to the Iranian vision. The current sabotage of the French initiative under the pretext of controlling the Ministry of Finance and naming Shiite ministers in the upcoming government is the best proof that this Iranian component is not concerned about the Taif Agreement that called for sharing equal power between the Christians and Muslims.

Rather, it seeks to establish the triangle, placing itself outside the framework of the Islamic component, as it does not pay attention to the delicate and dangerous situation that Lebanon is going through and the state of poverty and destitution that the Lebanese are living in, which has made hundreds flee from the tragedy using death boats.

All that it is concerned about is employing the country to serve the Iranian conflict with the international community.

On the basis of the principle “every cloud has a silver lining”, what is happening today increases the popular conviction that preventing access to hell will be through the eradication of the malignant tumor called “Hezbollah” and rescuing Lebanon from the clutches of this terrorist beast.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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