All we want is eat grapes, and not to fight the guard

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Ahmad Al-Jarallah

WE must extend our appreciation and gratitude to MP Muhalhal Al-Mudhaf for his insistence on grilling His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah. This is because the government was quick to implement a number of popular demands, which it had previously rejected, for reasons best known currently to it, but it submitted to the fear of the sword of accountability that was hanging over it.

In fact, the people of Kuwait “do not want to fight the guard, but rather eat the grapes”. The executive authority was reluctant to achieve this, making it seem as if it wanted to further politically starve the people. However, on the eve of the grilling, it opened the door wide open. It issued an amnesty decree for prisoners and those in exile due to the flawed and unconstitutional cyber-crime law, even though it had been procrastinating on this matter for more than six months.

In addition, it adjusted some salaries, even if it was not all that was required, but it proved that it is capable of doing so, without citing liquidity deficit as an excuse.

The fulfillment of these few demands is just the tip of the iceberg of what the people seek. It actually indicates two things – first, if the Council of Ministers wished to do something, it would do so. Second – the executive authority only works under pressure.

As a result of this policy, political and economic stability cannot be relied upon because it means not realizing how things would turn out if work continues under pressure.

Since no government in the world can act erratically, this indicates that first, it does not give weight to its program, and second, it is subject to the whims of influential people and some forces, which reveals its failure.

There is no doubt that the issue did not end with what was achieved by the grilling stick. People have many demands, which are all deserving, starting with loans – an issue that put pressure on a wide segment of citizens. They also include the housing problem, educational failure, and infrastructure, as well as the closure of the country, which made it a repellent of investments, and the lack of unified cadres for employees. Despite the popular outcry, the government is deaf.

All of this leads to pressure on the economy and the loss of more national product, which neighboring countries is keen about maximizing through many facilities, for which they seek the help of experienced experts, irrespective of whether they are citizens or foreigners. On the other hand, Kuwait is moving against the trend, as if it chooses to live in a closed box and does not want to look at its surroundings and the world.

In any country, when most of the leadership positions are by proxy, it means that it is not doing well and is unable to choose the appropriate people to fill those positions.

In fact, it is even more disastrous when someone who is not qualified is appointed to a leadership position, while competent people are intentionally excluded. This is what represents the major failure in projects, and indeed in all institutions.

This reality has paved the way for corruption to spread to such an extent that it can only be remedied through painful surgical operations, which cannot happen under the current political climate.

What happened prior to the grilling session of His Highness the Prime Minister confirms that the door is open for further parliamentary accountability of the Prime Minister and the ministers to achieve the demands of citizens.

However, this does not mean reform, but rather ruin. We therefore beg to ask – Has the position become so dear, even if it is at the expense of the nation?

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 1252 times!

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