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Friday , January 15 2021

‘Abundant eventful days ahead’


Few well-known personalities in our vast world experienced the ‘difficult trilogy’ – peoples love and respect for them, and if this person is really worthy of that love and respect.

Love and respect alone are not sufficient in the absence of confidence in that person’s abilities, talents, or achievements and the examples are countless. Take for example Hitler, Picasso, Abdel Nasser, Sukarno, John Kennedy, Lee Kuan Yew, Mahathir Muhammad, General Giap, Maria Callas, Umm Kulthum, Guevara, Ataturk, the Shah of Iran, and many others.

All of these people were loved by their people for some time, and were able to accomplish or sabotage a lot. They were respected, but few of them got that difficult triangle, after the extent of destruction and devastation they had caused became clear at a later stage.

As seen from the above examples, this prestigious position is not limited to political leaders, but includes memorable artistes, poets, philosophers, novel writers, homeland liberators, militants, leaders of armies, and countless stupid people.

As an example, but not exclusively, of the few personalities who enjoyed the love and respect of almost all Kuwaitis, and even the residents, whose influence exceeded the limits is the eminent artiste Abdul Hussain Abdul-Ridha, and that appreciation, love and respect were completely in place.

Other personalities include the late Amir Abdullah Al-Salem, who was characterized by a lot of wisdom, and his people loved and respected him, and that love and respect were in their place.

His Highness the Amir is also considered one of the few personalities in our political history to have achieved the difficult trilogy.

Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad, who currently has no clear political status, and who held the official government position for a short period, in which he achieved the unexpected, is considered one of the strongest candidates for the difficult trilogy, and in our view he will be eligible for that. However, Sheikh Nasser’s problem is that the secret of his strength at the same time is his weakness.

He represents the upright character whose life if free of any scandal. He is loved by a majority of Kuwaitis, and has proven his worth in his work. He has ventured where no one else would dare to, but by doing so he created for himself many enemies who were powerful financially and were ferocious fighters and were willing to do a lot to exclude him and prevent him from taking any executive position.

For them, Sheikh Nasser, based on what is known about him, is not flattering and will often mess up the lives of easy going people, those who like to enjoy their lives and take pride in their influences and privileges, and these people knew if he remains in the prestigious position that he deserves, will turn their lives into permanent worry and constant conflict, and those who disagree with him will have a way to prevent him from getting what he wants.

Therefore, they will seek to overcome it by choosing personalities who may be unpopular and do not enjoy everyone’s respect, but who have the necessary flexibility, hate causing mess, and have a tendency to satisfy everyone, even at the expense of the public interest.

We reiterate that the overwhelming popular confidence that Abu Abdullah enjoys is the secret of his strength and his weakness at the same time. This love and the position that he obtained worries many powers and they will not let him exploit it or benefit from it easily. The coming days are abundant with a lot of events!

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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