Abu Khaled: Even the mightiest have limits to achieve all their aspirations

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BEING frank without mincing any words is our policy. Whenever we spot a fault, we highlight it and call it out as it is without beating around the bush.

In this regard, when there is an official who is diligent, takes into account the trust entrusted to him, and works with conscience, we say that openly. This is what Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled is… He works silently and strives to carry out the role entrusted to him diligently. He does not shy away from the truth.

From the time he entered the arena of public affairs, the man has been distinguished by not burning the stages. He graduated and grew up the ladder until he became the CEO of the Kuwait Oil Tankers Company. Those who worked with him knew him and they knew that he always sought to give rights to their owners, and never hesitated to seek the help of national competencies.

That is why when he assumed the position of the Capital Governorate, he did not make his office a diwaniya where his friends and loved ones would meet. Instead, he sought to operate on the street because he realized from day one that the Capital Governorate must be a miniature image of Kuwait, and it must be devoid of anything that would distort its aesthetics. Therefore, within a period of about three years, he was able to change the governorate, just as he made the position of governor a proper name.

There have been many remarks made about the country’s internal security because some ministers were working far from the trust entrusted to them. Some of them abounded during his reign, and “connections”, and some of them wanted to make the position a platform for benefiting and accumulating wealth. Others left matters to agents and officers, and for this reason, scandals abounded in various aspects.

Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, to this day, has a different material, as he strikes with the sword of firmness against all drug dealers and smugglers. This is enough to cover up any other matter because such toxins are the mother of all crimes.

Within three years, the country began to be cleansed of the scourge of wretched smugglers. All people are equal in front of this scourge, irrespective of whether they are big or small, sheikh or influential. Here are the fruits, despite the fierce confrontation and the great difficulties faced by the minister. All sectors of the Ministry of Interior appear visible because it works firmly.

That is why, in a great confrontation of this kind, a person with determination usually manages to wade through the trials. The closest example to this is the persistent and responsible minister Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, who sees that as the least difficult thing he goes through in order to preserve the social security of the country. Despite all his preoccupations, he does not leave any stone unturned. He follows up on everything, and does not ignore the grievances and complaints of people that are published in newspapers and social media and works to address them.

If the matter in the Ministry of Interior is like this, then he will restore prestige to the Ministry of Defense within a short period of time, rid it of commission brokers in armament deals or otherwise, and give everyone his right. He also made the ministry’s institutions a source of pride for all. He sought the help of experienced people who seek to serve their country with a living conscience, and was keen about the security of the country.

These delicate authorities cannot be headed by a corrupt person, lest becoming a jungle where the mightiest rules. As for Abu Khaled, he strikes with an iron fist because he enjoys a high culture, and understands the meaning of his sensitive mission, which is the model that Kuwait needs in all sectors in order to clear the grim clouds that have been hovering over the country for quite some time.

Because of this, Abu Khaled deserves appreciation and gratitude as he continues to write a biography that many of the officials have been unable to write.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 38195 times!

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