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Wednesday , September 28 2022

A global emergency

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Italy has now been in focus for the Corona virus outbreak, and the world has taken steps to eradicate the virus and China has paid urgent aid to it. It has also sent medical teams who were in Wuhan working to treat those infected in the outbreak of the virus. This is a good, important step and a sign of international cooperation. Duty in such circumstances.

It is true that this epidemic virus is sweeping the world, but there are countries where it has not spread in the way that it spread in other countries, and therefore, cooperation in this regard is in fact for self-safety. Here all other considerations such as sectarian, ethnic, and geographic, are lost and human becomes first priority.

This requires everyone to abandon limited knowledge and cooperate and work jointly against an unknown enemy that we do not know who does not distinguish between a person and another.

Today Italy is the focus of the epidemic in Europe and the world. The borders of the European Union countries are open between them, the movement in it continues communication with the outside has not stopped, despite the isolation and the measures taken by the countries. This epidemic requires humanitarian approach and it requires everyone to come together and help in crisis.

Today it is necessary to help Italy with all the available capabilities and all countries path should lead to Italy to help them just as it happened in China which despite its tremendous potential had to rely on outside help because this endemic spreads rapidly and it is moving from a country to another very quickly, casualties are rising at very high rates. Therefore, helping any country to overcome this crisis is a humanitarian necessity.

Faced with this epidemic Kuwait and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries should start helping Italy because of deep links between these countries and the European continent.

Perhaps the world will need to declare a state of global emergency as pass aresolution by the United Nations that obliges all countries to work collectively to fight the epidemic in addition to helping to deliver medical and preventive supplies to all countries.

Spending on this needs help, because Italy, which has allocated 26 billion euros to fight the virus, is in fact in need of assistance, as do other countries, especially the poor ones also need great help.

This epidemic is not an opportunity to settle accounts but it is an occasion for humanitarian cooperation. What world needs to know that from past experiences on epidemics has benefited in developing civilization.

Sattam Al Jarallah

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